Video: Creativity drives business: McDonald’s @Cannes

Video: Creativity drives business: McDonald’s @Cannes

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jun 22,2012 9:14 PM

Video: Creativity drives business: McDonald’s @Cannes

McDonald’s is one of the rare examples where a brand works on pure partnerships. The franchisee model of the business gives it presence in various markets but the challenge McDonald’s faces is two ways – communicating the brand to the franchisee in the market and then communicating the brand to consumers at a global level.

Marlena Peleo-Lazar, Chief Creative Officer and Matt Biespiel, Senior Director of Global Brand Development speak on McDonald’s global marketing principles

Biespiel said, “We come to Cannes every year because this is the place to be for creativity and creativity drives our business. We come here to learn, to be inspired and to meet with our agencies and ensure we are all heading in the right direction.”

Peleo-Lazar added, “We are here also to inspire and be with our creative partners from all over the world. We are here to learn from everyone, including other brands and take the message home because this is the world’s best stage for creativity.”

Over the years, McDonald’s has also created the reputation of experimenting and investing marketing dollars in the digital space. But in a market, such as India, where digital media yet has to give the opportunities as seen in some of the other markets, what are some of the challenges? “India is a marketer’s dream” Biespiel replied. He added, “You have a large, growing market with emerging wealth. We have the unique opportunity to introduce people to our brand who have had no introduction to McDonald’s. The trick is that as we introduce McDonald’s to the world, we do it in a special, uniquely McDonald’s way.”

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