Videocon and O&M re-position Bazoomba TV in new campaign

Videocon and O&M re-position Bazoomba TV in new campaign

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Jun 27,2007 5:17 PM

Videocon and O&M re-position Bazoomba TV in new campaign

Videocon has relaunched its ‘Bazoomba’ range of TVs, which deliver impacting sound. The new TVC for the Bazoomba is titled ‘SoundStation’. The campaign is a creation of O&M, and the brainchild of Sumanto Chattopadhyay. The TVC has been produced by Nirvana Films and directed by Prakash Varma.

According to Chattopadhyay, the sales of the electronics segment is on an incline and Indians with higher disposable incomes have preferred choices when it comes to sound in their televisions. Some like it loud and thumping, some like it soft and refined. He said, “Today, what you see on TV has also changed a lot from the early days. Entertainment has become more dramatic and that’s why many consumers demand both loudness and clarity from the sound on their televisions.”

Chattopadhyay informed that after the rollout of the first campaign for Videocon air conditioners, O&M was given a task of re-positioning Bazoomba TVs. The brief to the agency was to communicate the product’s main USP, which is spectacular sound output.

On the thought process, Chattopadhyay explained, “Have you ever noticed how sound creates a distinctive one-of-a-kind reaction? This insight inspired the campaign idea -- the effect of sound -- on which our film is based. Normally, the sound is so soft or unnoticeable, that we tend to overlook its beauty and its soul. Our idea emphasises the fact that Videocon SoundStation TV is great at amplifying the low, medium and high frequency sounds. So the viewer hears everything in full clarity and never misses even the slightest bit of the viewing experience.”

The TVC is a compilation of reactions to different pitches of sounds. The clarity and gradual rising in tones have been brought out by the film, and it ends on a crescendo.

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