Video: Brand stewardship needs to be masterminded: Prasoon Joshi

Video: Brand stewardship needs to be masterminded: Prasoon Joshi

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Friday, Jun 07,2013 7:56 PM

Video: Brand stewardship needs to be masterminded: Prasoon Joshi

Ad guru Prasoon Joshi was the first Indian to edit the Gunn report this year. He was also on the jury of ANDYS, which is one of the most coveted international award shows, highly regarded for its standards and excellence.

The Executive Chairman and CEO India and President South Asia of McCann Worldgroup talks about global learnings from various such international forums.  Joshi shares how these forums are an opportunity for him to take stock of things and get a holistic perspective on creative work taking place in the industry. It gives him an opportunity to have nuanced discussions with his peers, he says.
“I am part of a global advertising community, where we share a symbiotic relationship and I learn from others’ successes and failures, and in turn share mine. These forums are an ensemble of experiences which you go through and return enriched for your approach for next year,” shared Joshi.

Joshi feels that despite the debate around social media, we need to view technology as our friend; it need not be feared.

He also speaks about the immense importance of brand stewardship and being able to chart a clear roadmap for the brand, given the Indian cluttered media environment which has a wide range of consumers across various social strata. This includes people who haven’t seen the basics of technology to others who are ready to leap frog into the next orbit of technology.

“In this complex media world, brand stewardship needs to be masterminded, keeping brand values intact,” advised Joshi.

To know more on what Joshi had to say, watch the video

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