VGC further strengthens Aditya Birla Group’s corporate image; launches new TVCs

VGC further strengthens Aditya Birla Group’s corporate image; launches new TVCs

Author | Rishi Vora | Saturday, Oct 27,2007 8:14 AM

VGC further strengthens Aditya Birla Group’s corporate image; launches new TVCs

After its campaign titled ‘Taking India to the World’ for the Aditya Birla Group (ABG) last year, Vyas Giannetti Creative Communications (VGC) has now created three TVCs highlighting the Group’s policy of empowering its employees. The TVCs follow close on the heels of ABG being voted the Best Employer in India by the Hewitt-Economic Times Survey.

The task before VGC was not only to propagate the ‘Best Employer in India’ title, but at the same time ensuring its credibility in doing so. The agency had to leverage this opportunity to attract some of the brightest talents in India, and at the same time showcase the advantages of working with the Group, which is India’s first global conglomerate.

Commenting on the brief and the agency’s strategy, Atul Hegde, COO, VGC, said, “We decided to do a TV campaign as we thought that print ads won’t suffice the client’s need. The idea of the campaign was to take representative employees at different levels of the company and showcase their experience of working with the Group.”

The three commercials all convey the message of the Group’s long practice of empowering employees. The first commercial, titled ‘Sectors’, talks about the opportunities that the Group’s employees get in working across sectors. The second film, ‘Elevator’, portrays the Group’s meritocratic policy of rewarding employees, while the third film, ‘Stamps’, reflects the Group’s global strength and the opportunities that its employees get in international markets.

Ryan Menezes, ECD, VGC, said, “The logical way to approach a campaign like this visually was to make it as real as possible, almost like an interview with the employee. But then we saw no merit in being logical, given the fact that the Aditya Birla Group is so dynamic. Therefore, we thought that we should make the spots as visually involving as possible to retain the viewers’ interest.”

Menezes further said, “We approached the look of each spot differently. The first spot, ‘Sectors’, operates within a visually fluid futuristic Escher (Dutch graphic artist M C Escher) like space within which anything seems possible, drawing parallels with the opportunities available within the Group. In the second spot, ‘Elevator’, we used the executive’s cabin ascending as a metaphor for accelerated growth. At the end of the film, you’ll notice the shape of the ABG building connoting an organisational chart.”

Explaining the third film, Menezes said that stamps were used to show the freedom that the Group allowed in working across countries. “The styles of illustration change from etching to water colour, and then to oil and finally to miniature painting. Three animation houses across the world, in the US, Singapore and Australia were tried and rejected by us since they could not deliver the quality we were looking for. Finally, we got the desired results, and we are glad that the campaign has turned out to be like what we were looking for.”

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