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Unshackling Creativity: 'F**k! It's Friday' at Bates David Enterprise

Unshackling Creativity: 'F**k! It's Friday' at Bates David Enterprise

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Tuesday, Jun 26,2007 9:05 AM

Unshackling Creativity: 'F**k! It's Friday' at Bates David Enterprise

It’s not like any other day for Bates David Enterprise on Fridays. That’s because the agency celebrates ‘F**k! It’s Friday’, at the end of every week. As part of its corporate culture, the agency has started a new initiative for its employees, who get together to watch films, listen to lectures, discuss, or have a film or book review every Friday.

Subhash Kamath, CEO, Bates David Enterprise, said that they had called various people from the industry, including Piyush Pandey, to talk to their employees. “We have it organised by someone every week. The employees get together and either screen a film, or listen to someone talk, or have a book review,” he said.

Kamath added, “Our corporate culture is very casual since we are a small agency. There is no hierarchy and anyone can walk into my office to discuss something. A huge group of us book movie tickets and go to the theatres together as well. Next week, many of our employees are going to watch ‘Sivaji’. I just can’t make it this time because of a meeting; I almost always go along as well.”

The agency has a small training room with chairs and a screen, where people can sit and listen to presentations, watch films, or get to listen to a lecture. The ‘F**k! It’s Friday’ initiative has been started recently, and Kamath is enthusiastic that it will do well.

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