Unshackling creativity at Mudra: Passion, people and ‘Friday Sessions’

Unshackling creativity at Mudra: Passion, people and ‘Friday Sessions’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Tuesday, Mar 03,2009 8:00 AM

Unshackling creativity at Mudra: Passion, people and ‘Friday Sessions’

Battling cost cuts, salary cuts, hiring freeze – and all that accompanies a slowdown – Mudra is finding its own way out of the rut to keep its creative juices flowing. While there is no fixed mantra to ‘unshackle creativity’, for Mudra it is a combination of various processes.

Explaining the combination of steps, Arijit Ray, EVP & Head, Mudra Mumbai told exchange4media, “I think the first is passionately supporting good creative work at all levels. When it starts from the top, chances are that the people across the board start believing in the spirit.”

Moreover, three months ago, Mudra had started to hold workshops, termed ‘Friday Sessions’. The idea is to get people exposed to different facets of the agency’s work. Highlighting the sessions, Ray informed, “We try to get people both from creative and marketing fraternities to come and do 1-2 hour sessions on their profession. For instance, recently we had an eminent commercial ad film director take a session on the craft of making quality ad films. He brought alive the background behind some memorable work that we have all seen. Likewise, we also had a marketing person from one of our clients to present different facets of marketing that are crucial, but sometimes the agency team might not have had the exposure to.”

The sessions are part of the weekly practices, but according to the agency, the simple thing that kept the people motivated and the buzz going was to get every key person to know what was happening across the office. The agency follows a simple practice of sharing all new work done across the office in the weekly meetings that are held with the senior management at the office.

Explaining how effective this practice was for the agency, especially during times of slowdown, Bobby Pawar, Chief Creative Officer, Mudra, explained, “Whether it is bad times or good times, one needs to remain focussed on what they truly believe in. Nowadays, people are caught up with a multiple things and hence, need a break. Thus, by fostering ourselves in one-on-one dialogues, creativity juices flow even more steadily. Our Friday sessions are expected to boost creativity even more.”

According to Arijit Ray, another important ingredient in this practice was the quarterly and monthly creative reviews. “The best released and proactive work is judged by the NCD and is awarded. This promotes healthy competition and gives a signal that quality work is appreciated. This reviewing of work started from last month itself,” he added.

The agency also has the practice to share compilations of good international and domestic work. Mudra recently screened the Cannes works and plans to have one good compilation screening every two months.

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