Univbrands launches three new services on brand communications

Univbrands launches three new services on brand communications

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Tuesday, Jun 19,2007 9:19 AM

Univbrands launches three new services on brand communications

Mumbai-based Univbrands, which offers coaching consultancy in brand-building communications, has recently launched three new services. They are Idea Management service, Brand Championship service, and Complete Brand Communication Motorbike. Univbrands is the smallest learn-by-earning university of brand building communication. Sumit Roy had initiated Univbrands in 1992.

Sumit Roy, Founder, Univbrands, said, “Idea Management is not just about idea generation skills. I find that people love to brainstorm but end up with ideas that never see the light of day. Idea Management goes into idea generation and idea evaluation. Idea process and management should be made more user-friendly and participative. Idea evaluation tells you which has the most profit evaluation of the brand. The project-planning tool is about how to allocate responsibility and it is automated time control. It is planning for emergency.”

Roy added, “We are launching the Idea Management service in June-July in Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune.”

Explaining the Brand Championship service, Roy said, “This service works on how to launch a brand through word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers become the medium of marketing. This is a pay-if-it-works service for clients. Univbrands helps them create brand experiences at an agreed allowable cost per experience. The word-of-mouth experience is the best that I could come up with because it spans across trial, conversion, retention, bonding, increased usage and championing the brand. It starts with helping the client assess the lifetime value of a customer and putting a value to each of the stages of relationship with the brand. That makes it easy to design promotions that are self-financing.”

Roy further explained that profits are shared between the client and the agency that created the branding idea. Mahindra Renault and Citibank are on the roster for this service. He expects more companies to sign up once the infrastructure is expanded to implement the initiatives in more cities.

“The Complete Brand Communication Motorbike programme has two versions. There is a three-month programme of 13 weekend workshops. This programme is for people who are already in advertising or any form of brand building communication. A one-year internship programme is for people who want to join brand communication consultancies. Talks are on with one such erstwhile agency -- which is now a full service brand communications consultancy -- to provide the one-year internship in various disciplines, which is essential to the learn-by-doing and earning programme. The interns get paid according to the grades they achieve each month,” Roy concluded.

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