TV Korea Showcase 2006 gives glimpse of Korea broadcasting content

TV Korea Showcase 2006 gives glimpse of Korea broadcasting content

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Feb 08,2006 11:23 AM

TV Korea Showcase 2006 gives glimpse of Korea broadcasting content

The TV Korea Showcase 2006 provided a comprehensive look at the Korean entertainment industry, including drama series, movies, feature films, animation and documentaries. The event offered a great opportunity for Indian producers, broadcasters and service providers to meet potential partners and gain insight into the Korean TV programmes.

The event was organised in Mumbai on February 7. The Korean Broadcasting Commission (KBC) led the delegation of Korean broadcasters to India to host the TV Korea Showcase 2006, which will also participate at the BES Expo 2006 as a sponsor.

Kim, Chang-Soo, Assistant Director, International Affairs Division, Broadcasting Policy Bureau, KBC said, “We are here to promote Korean broadcasting content in India. Korean content is famous in other Asian countries and is spreading in other continents as well, but hasn’t had a chance to enter the Indian market. So, we are trying to promote that. Another thing is to show the technology that we have, called Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB). It is a very high-tech service that we are currently providing in Korea.”

Four of Korea’s terrestrial broadcasters – KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS and a major program provider, CJ Media – presented their extremely popular content such as dramas.

The presentation on the cutting edge broadcasting technology, DMB, the next generation broadcasting service provided in Korea, was the one which everyone in India was excited about.

There are two types of DMB – Terrestrial-DMB (T-DMB) and Satellite-DMB (S-DMB). DMB enables the user to use PDAs, laptops, stand-alone receivers and even mobile phones to watch television on the move, anytime, anywhere.

Hee-Tae Shin, Manager, Global Business Development Office, TU Media Corp explained, “Five broadcasters – KBS, MBC, SBS, YTN DMB and U1 Media – have started commercial service for T-DMB from December 1, 2005. Korea-DMB will launch in early 2006. For S-DMB, TU Media has already launched commercial service in May of 2005 with nearly 370,000 subscribers.”

At the Showcase, KBC also demonstrated real-time broadcast of on site camera shots, live retransmission of one Indian channel as well as recorded content via state-of-the-art mobile phones and many other types of receivers.

Through this visit to India, KBC hopes to lay the foundation for further cooperation and exchange on commercial and governmental levels. While promoting business opportunities for broadcasters of both countries, KBC also seeks for information and policy exchange in facing the convergence age.

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