Triton designs brand campaign for BloombergUTV

Triton designs brand campaign for BloombergUTV

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Aug 08,2012 9:14 PM

Triton designs brand campaign for BloombergUTV

Triton Communications has developed a new brand campaign for BloombergUTV. With the business objective to launch the channel as an organic extension of Bloomberg, a large financial news network, the communication objective was to establish BloombergUTV India as different from competitive alternatives.

In a category synonymous with a high degree of sameness, the communication challenge was to differentiate the brand in the Indian context and consistent with the global Bloomberg image and identity. This communication challenge was further compounded by the brand’s need to broad base itself beyond the C-Suite, shared an official release.

According to Sriram Kilambi, President, BloombergUTV, “The business news genre is full of the same things, which is very stock led – basically buy-sell hold. We, at Bloomberg, are about the larger picture – infrastructure, macro-economics, judiciary, policy, stocks, real-estate, etc.”

“We are justifiably proud of our news gathering heritage and are indeed the original source for most of the information that you see in your newspapers and your news channels. When Triton made that our positioning statement, we naturally loved it,” he added.

Renton D’Sousa, CEO and National Creative Director, Triton Communications said, “Research reveals that the viewer is interested in how the channel is fundamentally different rather than the run-of-the-mill differentiators claimed by the genre. Whilst all business channels subscribe to the Bloomberg terminal for information, to BloombergUTV it is its raison d'etre. Hence, the positioning ‘The original source’.

“The functional take-away centres around incisive information, useful knowledge and actionable wisdom while the emotional take-away is intelligence for the intelligent,” added D’Sousa.

The brand promise is creatively communicated via the fundamental difference between BloombergUTV and other business channels by stating facts upfront such as, ‘Others report what we deliver’, added the release.

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