Trendspotting: Video advertising becoming a high-growth medium to promote brand story

Trendspotting: Video advertising becoming a high-growth medium to promote brand story

Author | Ankur Singh | Tuesday, Apr 14,2015 8:45 AM

Trendspotting: Video advertising becoming a high-growth medium to promote brand story

Until a few years ago, digital media experts wouldn’t have predicted the significance of digital and video advertising. Though, it did have its fair share of mention over the past years, most of the chatter referred to digital advertising as a secondary or an add-on to print or television advertising. But now times have taken a different stride. Brands now increasingly prefer digital media for showcasing their value addition to the masses.

Today, on back of rising internet penetration, brand marketers are increasingly looking at benefits from a fine-tuned video platform strategy through cross-device formats to reach consumers.

Opportunities in video advertising and platforms are numerous. Technology is seamlessly converging with human life today. Mobile devices are making it extremely feasible for advertisers and promoters to target niche set of relevant audiences without the baggage of huge expenses being loaded onto them. Changing guidelines, regulations and converging technologies call for newer ways of advertising.

According to Milind Pathak, Chief Operating Officer, Madhouse, South Asia, “As fragmentation of viewing continues to grow, advertisers are looking for innovative solutions to drive better return on their marketing dollars. There are more ways than ever for brands to reach their intended audience based on a variety of transactional, interest, or psychographic behaviors.”
“Today, video platform has emerged like a trend in our country. A lot of marketers have been stressing upon the usage of this medium and today quite a few brands have started using video as a medium to promote their brand story," said Ajit Mohan, Head of Digital Business, Star India.

“Advanced targeting options, more accurate determination of the frequency and reach are also few concerns of the brands today. The less reactive scattering or lower unit cost (better returns). We are moving closer to a world in which all media data will be available in the cloud, algorithms will dictate decisions and real-time buying and optimization will be the norm,” said Aman Malhotra, Head of Brand Solutions, Google, India.

“Telcos need to advance their reach and broadband which will enable consumers in terms of using m-commerce in the desired way,” said Harsh Saxena, Head-Marketing Non Voice Services, Mobility, Delhi, Tata Teleservices Limited.

Ad campaigns promoting “mobile internet for everyone” are enough proof of the extensive reach mobile internet today has in India. Mobile TV platforms like Zenga TV and nexGTV speak of roughly 18 million monthly users with a staggering number of 225 million video views per month. These multi-platform players have a broad coverage of entertainment, news, music, movies, sports, spiritual, and cartoon, etc. channels, catering to widespread audience. These platforms support pre-roll video adverts and in-between banner ads formats, just like any normal online platform. To sum the pros of this sort of advertising, mobile TV promotions cost a minuscule fraction of what is charged on TV.

If experts are to be believed, digital and video advertising only seems to be growing in leaps and bounds from here on.

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