Top Ramen Noodles back in the market with a smooth story

Top Ramen Noodles back in the market with a smooth story

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Tuesday, Sep 08,2009 8:29 AM

Top Ramen Noodles back in the market with a smooth story

Top Ramen Noodles, once pegged as a competitor to Nestle’s Maggi, is being re-launched with a fresh campaign that seeks to make Top Ramen a part of every Indian family as the ‘little strands of happiness’. A new TVC, conceptualised by Hakuhodo Percept, broke on September 6 on all news and entertainment channels.

The TVC features part animation and part live action. Character design, background design, computer graphics and animation have been executed by MFX Malaysia, while Shantanu Bagchi of Illusion Films has directed the film. Illusion Films is the production house.

Manish Masion, ECD, Hakuhodo Percept, explained, “The brief we got from Top Ramen was to devise a communication to re-launch the noodle brand with a new look and feel across India. The objective is to position Top Ramen as smooth and tasty noodles, targeting primarily kids, and secondarily, mothers, and to hold a differentiated brand identity as compared to other brands in the category and, therefore, be in the consideration of a potential instant noodle buyer.”

The TVC would remind one of Mowgli and ‘The Jungle Book’ and Tarzan. It tells the story of a little human boy, who gets abandoned in a jungle, where he grows up with the gorillas and becomes a part of their group. One day a search party comprising the boy’s family reaches the jungle to look for him. While in the jungle, the mother cooks Top Ramen noodles and its delicious aroma mesmerizes the jungle boy to follow it to its source. There he eats the Top Ramen noodles, and seeing him eat, the mother realises that he is her lost son. The family reunites as Top Ramen plays a catalyst in this event, hence bringing a smooth end to the story.

“The TVC has been crafted to mainly attract children, and yet hold a universal appeal for people of all age groups. The Indian sensibilities and aesthetics have been taken into consideration. It is full of action, fun and emotions. A catchy jingle runs along to instantly attract the audience,” Masion said of the film.

“The message behind the TVC is that the new Top Ramen noodles are spicier, tastier and more fun. We are doing largely TVCs and point of sale like in-shop displays, banners and posters,” Masion further said.

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