Titan TVC applauds the new generation of go-getter entrepreneurs

Titan TVC applauds the new generation of go-getter entrepreneurs

Author | Sarmistha Neogy | Friday, Jun 12,2015 9:27 AM

Titan TVC applauds the new generation of go-getter entrepreneurs

After Katrina Kaif’s ‘When is the right time to get married’? TVC for Raga, Titan is back with its new campaign for their newly launched moon phased watches called ‘Celestial Time’. The brand has always reflected changes in the society and this time as well, Ogilvy & Mather has tried to maintain a similar narration tone. It highlights and applauds the new breed of entrepreneurial minded men who are confident and don’t hesitate from redefining hierarchies.

The film stars Bollywood actors, Rajkumar Rao and Asif Basra. Along with the TVC, the film is supported with print and outdoor. Commenting on the creative insight behind the ad, Steve Hough, Executive Creative Director, O&M Advertising South said, “India is home to a rapidly growing number of entrepreneurs. More and more people are setting up new businesses because they believe it’s time to do things their own way. We wanted to weave this in a story that would reflect the values of the brand in a very honest, charming and an intimate way.”

Watch the ad here:

Sharing his opinion on the ad, O.R Radhakrishnan, Executive Creative Director, Enormous Brands said, “I loved the story, but felt the product connect is missing in the campaign. There is only one shot of the watch, where the protagonist looks down at it. But it is not necessarily about the product; somehow it just doesn’t look like a Titan story. However, it is also one of those stories, where after watching you feel- Wish I had worked for it!”

Saurabh Dasgupta, Executive Creative Director, Innocean Worldwide on the other hand, is of the opinion that the brand connect is there and is surely not missing. “The way brands are moving these days, it is a lateral connection, rather than a literal one. There is a strong connect to ‘time’, which is done in a philosophical manner. The approach that, time as an entity and as a concept has been portrayed to show that juncture of our lives, when things need to be done in a particular way. Titan as a brand has been maturing fast and it has moved a long way from just showing watches,” he cited.

He further added that gratefulness receives a new spin in this campaign. The young chap’s audacity is actually a deed of greatness; it is a beautiful story with lots of positivety.

Rajan Amba, GM-Titan, Titan Company Limited highlighted, “At Titan, we aim to be current in our communication by constantly taking insight from what is happening in the environment around us. The past one year has seen a start-up boom which is reflected in every corner of the country. We have been witness to the realization of many dreams in the last couple of years, from a working generation that is brimming with talent. The latest film from Titan reflects this can-do, gutsy, sky-is-the-limit mentality of this generation today and presents the Celestial Time collection reminding them and us all, that their time has truly come. With this film, we are raising a toast to this generation’s desire to reach for the moon and the stars, while encouraging people to turn the tide and embrace their time.”

Akshat Bhardwaj, Independent Creative Consultant, Ex Creative Director with DigitasLBi, said, "Ads which tell stories are usually good ads. This new Titan ad has done its job when it comes to being precise. But time doesn't always have to be associated with bosses and success in the corporate world. Time is much more beautiful than that."

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