Times Now, Radio One, Mid Day, Aaj Tak -- all cheer for Black Friday

Times Now, Radio One, Mid Day, Aaj Tak -- all cheer for Black Friday

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Wednesday, Feb 28,2007 8:11 AM

Times Now, Radio One, Mid Day, Aaj Tak -- all cheer for Black Friday

Midday Multimedia’s movie ‘Black Friday’ has some big names from the Indian media industry that associated with the movie. The film, which has been produced by Arindam Mitra, is a fictional recreation of the 1993 bomb blasts, based on the book written by journalist Hussain Zaidi, and directed by Anurag Kashyap.

Midday Multimedia, has financed this film for the first time, and along with it now, after the long wait of a controversial release, are brands from the media and news industry, including Times Now, Aaj Tak, Radio One and the coffee-chain brand Barista. Adlabs is the distributor of the film.

Mitra informed that the tie-ups happened mutually. “It was both ways. We have been in the business for a long time, and have a network. So it was not difficult to attain a tie-up. But what was important was to find those who were going to be the right fit. Aaj Tak for instance, has been with the film since it was being made,” elaborated Mitra.

“‘Times Now’ came in later. Where Barista is concerned, we had called for a pitch, and we chose it because we felt it would be a good point to move ahead for our advertisements,” he added.

Mitra explained, “Barista also fit in well since our core audience is the educated, urban Indians with a conscience. It is also for the wider audience of the public that watches films, and for the masses. The film is playing at various single theatres also besides the multiplexes.”

The reason that they picked these brands, Mitra explained is that these are some of the largest news channels, and because of how relevant that is to the film. “News clippings used during the film have been picked up through Newstrack. We have also gotten a lot of commercial time on these television and radio channels,” he said further.

Sunil Lulla, CEO, Times Global Broadcasting, said, “We are constantly building a relationship with various businesses, and Black Friday is a very unique film. The topic works very well with the news business, and for us the content is very relevant in terms of news. Entertainment is sn important arm of our business, and it also helps us to build a lot of exclusive content and gain access to stars. It is an interesting story to talk about, and I think that there are a lot of viewers who want to know more about what happened to the city during those times.”

Shariq Patel, VP, Radio One, said, “The Black Friday partnership works well for us since it is a local film, and close to every Mumbaite’s heart. We also did a tie-up with them and worked on the message of anti-terror, for which we had a drop box at Barista where people could leave messages and aired listener’s messages on radio, and gave out prizes.”

Patel added, “It is a fantastic film, brilliantly made, and is one of the best films to have come out in India. It has a completely different style, and we have also given it our editorial support. The collections have been great so far, and we have been thrilled about that.”

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