This Valentine's Day, send an 'indecent proposal'

This Valentine's Day, send an 'indecent proposal'

Author | Bodhisatwa Dasgupta | Friday, Feb 14,2014 11:18 AM

This Valentine's Day, send an 'indecent proposal'

Every Valentine’s Day it’s the same story. Newer ways to say the same old thing. More poetic ways to complicate an otherwise simple message – “hey, I like you. And I’d like to bonk you”. Problem is of course, most advertising folk are about as romantic as a dung beetle. And while they can wax poetic on a 60cc ad, when it comes to writing a love message for their loved ones, it’s a horrific writer’s block.

The Indecent Proposal (http://www.theindecentproposal.co.in/) aims to alleviate that tension of forming coherent romantic words on this dratted day. By simply typing in your lover’s name, you can now get a customised Valentine’s Day greeting. Copy paste, and share and you’ve just earned yourself some brownie points.

Commenting on the initiative, Bodhisatwa Dasgupta, Creative Director, Grey said, “The idea is to create something quirky amongst the thousands of mush that’ll flood people’s walls today. Something light that two partners could share with each other.” 

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