Thirasak speaks on Indian creativity

Thirasak speaks on Indian creativity

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Apr 30,2007 9:12 AM

Thirasak speaks on Indian creativity

Thirasak Tanapatanakul, the creative genius from Thailand, who performed to a packed house at the recently concluded GoaFest 2007, had everyone present at the venue leave with lasting memories of his ads that not only helped the brands sell, but also conveyed many emotions.

Diverging away from other presentations that were filled PowerPoint slides and monotonous speeches, Tanapatanakul, ECD, Creative Juice\G1 (TBWA), let his displayed works do the talking instead. Speaking to on the quality of the Indian creatives, Tanapatanakul said, “I am a great fan of Indian advertising. What I like about the Indian ads is that some of them reflect the Indian culture, which is just like the ads that we see across Asia.”

When questioned on his views on his ways to tackle clients whose ads were not delivering, he explained, “We, the creative team and the client, sit together and pore over the all the creatives and try to find out the reason of its non-performance. Sometimes, even the chosen concept may be flawed and during such sessions, the client sometimes provides many amazing ideas for the campaign that may click very well with the audience.”

Sharing his thoughts on the future of advertising around the world, Tanapatanakul observed that it will be the ambient medium. Elaborating his point, he continued, “The future of advertising can be very different from that of today. The ambient medium will be of utmost importance and many fresh ideas would be visible in this space. Ideas like stand-up comedy or game shows may deliver very well for the brands through the medium.”

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