The Creative Ego & The Media Manners: Industry honchos on Media Abby

The Creative Ego & The Media Manners: Industry honchos on Media Abby

Author | Dipali Banka | Friday, Apr 20,2012 10:07 AM

The Creative Ego & The Media Manners: Industry honchos on Media Abby

Tonight is when the industry once again awards the best work done by media agencies in India. Over the years, Media Abby has earned the reputation of being a controversy-free, well run awards platform. Industry leaders give a view on what is it about media awards that keeps it above the mud-slinging hullabaloo, which the ad industry has shown it is capable of...

Punitha Arumugam, Director, Agency Business, Google India
In the case of media awards such as Media Abby, the creative aspect is only one part of what the complete work is about. There is a lot more to the entries presented in media awards. There is innovation in the work too but in most cases, it is only one component. I think in creative awards, the whole aspect is about creative excellence and that can be very competitive.

Prasanth Kumar, National Director, GroupM
Media agency professionals are objective on how they look at brand solutions and the kind of work the industry is doing. There is so much to learn from different brands -- what the market problem was, how it was approached and executed and what the final results were. People want to learn and share. From that aspect, everyone here really enjoys competitiveness, so there is no room for controversies.

Subhash Kamath, Managing Partner, BBH India
Being creative is being creative. There is a lot of passion involved, there is ego and there is a very high degree of competitiveness. Everyone expects to be on top and believes that what they are doing is the best that the industry has seen. So at platforms such as these, where everyone cannot be a winner, there can be times when problems can creep in and may be that is not the case with media awards.

Shiv Sethuraman, Group CEO, TBWA\India
Media people are more prudent and better behaved than the creative community. Most of the controversies are either because of the leaks or perceived injustice of who should be winning the ‘Agency of the Year’ award. Media agencies have a far more mature approach to awards but in the creative fraternity, awards are made out to be much bigger than what they are. That element of expectation from the award leads to controversies. Media people behave like a community.

T Gangadhar, Managing Director, MEC India
I guess media people are better behaved. I don’t think you can draw a distinction between the media and the creative communities and there really is no specific trend stating that creative agencies leak awards and media agencies don’t do so. It is just that it has happened with the creative community in the past. But generally speaking media agency professionals can better work with each other.

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