The Cell creates animation magic around Bush-Manmohan for Animation Awards

The Cell creates animation magic around Bush-Manmohan for Animation Awards

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Sep 10,2007 9:15 AM

The Cell creates animation magic around Bush-Manmohan for Animation Awards

Leaders of two of the world’s biggest democracies have been the subject of numerous cartoons and caricatures, now George Bush and Dr Manmohan Singh have become the subject of a campaign to highlight the importance of animation. Called the Animation Awards on Bush-Manmohan, the campaign has been done by The Cell. The Cell is a group of communications specialists embedded in the TV18 network. The campaign has been conceptualised by Zubin Driver, Network Creative Director, TV18 Group.

Elaborating on the campaign, Driver said, “The brief given by the client to the agency was that it was for a campaign promoting the first ever animation awards and inviting participation. We had to find a path breaking way of showcasing importance of animation today. We wanted to basically insert animated global characters into the centre of the global stage and, therefore, create distruption in the viewer’s way.”

He further said, “The challenge was to ensure that the communication was unique, credible and had high recall value. The creative insight was to emphasise the importance of animation, how it has come of age in India, and that animators deserve to be in the limelight, much like headline news. This would also lead to adding credibility to the awards and build them up like the Oscars.”

The campaign idea brings animated characters into the real world, inserting them in different real-life situations. The characters are a part of important events (events that created headline news), they are an integral part of the scene, participating and interacting in the event, and not just as spectators. The insight that animation has now taken its rightful place in the centre of the global stage induces animators to register for the awards.

Driver explained Bush-Manmohan was the first campaign. “We are breaking this Bush Manmohan campaign next week and subsequently 4-5 more campaigns in the next week or two. The campaign is being promoted through print, Internet, on-air promos, and hoardings. The TVC will break across the TV18 network next week. The print campaign will break next week in main dailies. Hoardings have been put up in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai, among other cities,” he added.

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