The Brand Summit: ‘Basics of a strong brand is a guarantee of homogeneity and quality’

The Brand Summit: ‘Basics of a strong brand is a guarantee of homogeneity and quality’

Author | exchange4media Bangalore Bureau | Monday, Mar 03,2008 7:17 AM

The Brand Summit: ‘Basics of a strong brand is a guarantee of homogeneity and quality’

John Philip Jones, the world’s foremost authority on advertising and marketing, shared his views on the genesis of brands, how to build successful brands, advertising and branding, and retailing and branding. He spoke at The Brand Summit, a day-long seminar in Bangalore on advertising, brands, sales and profit in a dynamic world.

The seminar began with the genesis of brands, where Jones explained that the original purpose of brands was to provide legal protection for the manufacturer’s trademark. He said, “Another purpose of brands was to act as a hook for the advertising as manufacturers recognised it as the most economical way of expanding their sales.”

He went on to explain that the basics of a strong brand was a guarantee of homogeneity and quality, and if this was maintained then a consumer was ready to pay a premium price for these extra perceived values. He mentioned eight requirements of a strong brand, including functional superiority, positioning, name, price, distribution, trade promotions, consumer promotions and consumer advertising. Jones, however, added, “Fulfilling these eight requirements doesn’t guarantee success, but it reduces the odds of failure.”

On advertising, Jones cited the Lux ‘filmstar’ campaign as one of the most successful campaigns, which has been running for more than 80 years now. He elaborated, “The most helpful device in planning an advertising campaign is known as the Planning Cycle, which comprises a sequence of five questions – ‘Where are we?’, ‘Why are we there?, ‘Where could we be?’, ‘How could we get there?’, and ‘Are we getting there?’”

According to Jones, success of an advertising campaign depended on three factors – the campaign idea, the budget and the media. Also, all advertising must produce a demonstrable result in the market place, meeting the target, be it immediate (one week), short term, or the long term.

The seminar also discussed the emerging retail trend in advertising and branding. There was an interactive question and answer session, which saw Jones reply to several queries of the audience that included students from Shri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, Center for Management Studies, Bangalore, who had organised the event, besides advertising and marketing professionals. was the media partner for the event.

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