Tata Tea takes its Jaago Re anti-corruption campaign to the next level

Tata Tea takes its Jaago Re anti-corruption campaign to the next level

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Dec 09,2009 8:08 AM

Tata Tea takes its Jaago Re anti-corruption campaign to the next level

Tata Tea’s Jaago Re campaign is an exemplary example of a brand taking its communication beyond the obvious yet managing to strike a chord with its consumers. In advertising, the oft used cliché for the tea category is that of being refreshed or rejuvenated after consuming the beverage. Tata Tea, along with its creative agency Lowe, took a leap in its communication where it equated this rejuvenation to social awakening and being aware of social issues surrounding us.

If the first phase of the campaign experienced unprecedented success with its effort to involve the youth in the voting process, the challenge was even more to take this Jaago Re initiative further. Based on various dip stick and research that the company did, it came out that corruption is the biggest malaise that ails the country today and a major deterrent in progress of our country. Hence, Tata Tea embarked on its anti-corruption drive, beginning with its ‘Aaj se khilana bandh, pilana shuru’ campaign in August this year. It now has kickstarted the second phase of this campaign, which comprises an integrated communication approach.

Significantly, Tata Tea has undertaken a media roadblock with Star TV Network on December 9, the International Anti-Corruption Day. There would be day-long media blitzkrieg on all the 14 Star Network channels with a total of 1,000-plus spots to be aired on that day. Throughout the day, the first commercial after the break on any of the Star channels would be of Tata Tea campaign.

Tata Tea has also launched a revamped Jaagore website, which similar to the case of vote campaign, will be interactive and will be an enablement mechanism. The site has two sections – Jaago and Jagaao, where the former will provide information and the latter is the direct engagement section, where individuals and NGOs can post information on their projects, and if there are any requirements, individuals can apply to those.

Speaking about the portal, Sangeeta Talwar, Executive Director, Tata Tea Ltd, said, “At its best, jaagore.com hopes to facilitate social awakening among the youth by providing them the platform and opportunities to channel their efforts and skills. With this initiative, Tata Tea hopes to take its flagship campaign Jaago Re! beyond the rhetoric, from a level of creating awareness to a level where it actively facilitates action – another call to action.”

Meanwhile, Tata Tea has tied up with Aamir Khan’s soon-to-be-launched ‘3 Idiots’ to co-promote the movie and its flagship campaign Jaago Re! The association came about because the concept of ‘3 Idiots’ has a significant overlap with Jaago Re! The tie-up will have Tata Tea and ‘3 Idiots’ co-promoting the movie and Jaago Re! through small vignettes with Aamir Khan promoting Tata Tea and Jaago Re. These vignettes would be on air from December 9.

In keeping with the thought of the ‘Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru’ campaign, if individuals stop paying bribes, they can help check and reverse corruption – Tata Tea has been urging citizens to take a pledge to stop giving bribes. Over the last three months, it claims to have collected over 3.1 lakh pledges through various routes – the Internet, mobile, retail and even schools. In continuation with the campaign objective of awakening citizens to become the change they want to see, it is launching the Tata Tea Jaago Re Vrath Yatra – a 38-day bus journey across the country to connect with the youth and urge them to pledge against corruption.

The Vrath Yatra, which starts from December 9, the International Anti-Corruption Day, will travel from Bangalore to Kolkata via Mumbai and Delhi, touching a total of 12 cities on the way, thereby covering a significant cross-section of the country. Fever 104 FM and Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM have been roped in as partners to increase the reach of Tata Tea’s campaign and provide touch points to ordinary citizens.

Also, in its next level, the company has launched a Corruption Index, which is a three-city study, including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, which aims to bring out the perceptions of citizens across socio-economic classes about corruption and its impact on the social and economic fabric of the society. The survey, conducted by AC Nielson with a sample size of 1,226, will be conducted on a quarterly basis to track the perception of the citizens.

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