Tata Tea Premium in aggressive mode, unveils new ad campaign featuring Sania Mirza

Tata Tea Premium in aggressive mode, unveils new ad campaign featuring Sania Mirza

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, May 10,2006 6:59 AM

Tata Tea Premium in aggressive mode, unveils new ad campaign featuring Sania Mirza

Tata Tea has set an ambitious target of making Tata Tea Premium a mega brand by the end of fiscal 2006-07. Aggression is the key word for the brand, currently growing well ahead of the tea market in India. This is the brand that has been rated the No.1 tea brand in numerous surveys, including AMGF’s ‘Mera Brand’ Survey. It is also listed as one of the Superbrands in the country.

As part of its strategy, the company has launched its latest advertising campaign featuring Sania Mirza. The tennis sensation will be seen on TV screens once more, this time to display a perfect blend of mental and physical agility with Tata Tea Premium.

Tata Tea Premium has been immensely successful in positioning itself on the ‘vitality’ platform by providing a perfect blend of energy, refreshment and rejuvenation. The brand has sought to keep pace with changing times and consumer needs by adopting a relevant and contemporary positioning platform. It has moved beyond a mere transactional relationship with the consumer to establish a deeper emotional connect with them. It is in this context of changing consumer aspirations that Tata Tea Premium is now being positioned as the tea, which activates one to take on challenges. The tagline “Taste Kaamyaabi Ka” aptly communicates Tata Tea Premium’s brand essence – “energy to succeed”.

Tata Tea Premium’s future roadmap is to clearly leverage the brand’s strength in geographical spread and the brand loyalty to further expand its market share.

The commercial has been directed by filmmaker Nagesh Kukonoor, while the concept of the ad has been devised by Dentsu Marcom.

Speaking on the new commercial, Sangeeta Talwar, Executive Director-Marketing, Tata Tea, said, “The new ad campaign helps strongly reinforce the brand proposition of Tata Tea Premium. Mental strength and physical energy are two very important attributes for being successful in life. Tata Tea Premium is seen as a key enabler that activates one to take on challenges, thus providing the ‘energy to succeed’. Sania is a young achiever, and hence, her role is integral to our campaign as it helps infuse youthfulness and energy into the brand’s imagery. We are confident of the success of this relationship.”

The new ad campaign features Mirza in her quest for success as she battles the burden of expectations of an entire nation and the responsibilities that come with being a popular and admired youth icon and sports personality. The brand’s role is integral to the script as it provides Mirza the mental and physical boost to overcome the ‘moments of self doubt’ and achieve success. Thus, the new messaging helps to establish and convey the positioning of the brand from the contextual, credible and enjoyment perspective.

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