Tata Indicom makes it possible to ‘Suno Dil Ki Awaaz’

Tata Indicom makes it possible to ‘Suno Dil Ki Awaaz’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Oct 24,2009 8:15 AM

Tata Indicom makes it possible to ‘Suno Dil Ki Awaaz’

Tata Indicom has embarked on Phase 2 of its campaign strategy. While the first phase was more about the problems people faced with other networks, the second phase will be Tata Indicom’s own network story. It is a story of how digitally advanced network, allows people to hear not just what is spoken but the emotions behind it – ‘Suno Dil Ki Awaaz’. The campaign broke on October 23.

The latest campaign has been directed by Ram Madhwani. While telephonic conversations and networks are usually associated with talking, ‘Suno Dil Ki Awaaz’ is all about listening. A series of two commercials have been created by Contract to bring alive the concept of ‘Suno Dil Ki Awaaz’ with the Tata Indicom network.

Ravi Deshpande, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Contract Advertising, explained, “The idea was to occupy the space of listening not just to the words, but to the emotions behind the words. Tata Indicom’s network, with greater clarity than most networks, is one that is perfectly able to catch the nuances of what people mean, and not merely what they say. So you can decipher every emotion.”

Deshpande further said, “We have created two spots – ‘Saans’ and ‘Hansi’. They are really odes to breath and laughter. And in that sense, it is philosophical. Yet all along, it is really about the clarity of the network that lets you hear the hidden meaning of every breath and the nuances of every laughter.”

“We have depicted ‘Dil ki awaaz’ as the sound of people’s hearts. And the many different things they have to say. And the network is so clear that these nuances can actually be heard and felt,” he added.

Speaking further on the campaign, Deshpande said, “The spot ‘Saans’ or breath poetically illustrates the varied meanings behind every breath. There’s a always a different breath when one is impatient or passionate or lost in thought or carefree or working hard. We have tried to see that each situation is captured from an observer’s point of view, which is why we have avoided intensely private situations where an observer’s access could be questioned. We opted for a photojournalistic, Magnum-like look to the commercial in order to keep as real it and as naked as possible. And also to give the idea the stature that it deserves.”

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