Tanishq goes green and healthy for new range of diamond jewellery

Tanishq goes green and healthy for new range of diamond jewellery

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Sep 18,2006 8:43 AM

Tanishq goes green and healthy for new range of diamond jewellery

What do apples and salads have to do with jewellery advertising? The new Tanishq TVC for it ‘Everydays’ range of affordable diamond jewellery takes the green and health platform to connect with its target audience and deviates from the usual emotional or clichéd celebrity endorsement route.

Of late, jewellery advertising has been trying to break free of all the clichés to woo today’s woman. Take for instance the Ira Diamond commercial, where the child sees his mother juggling various roles deftly and draws a picture of his mother as a deity with several hands and a halo around her head.

The TVC for Tanishq Everydays is a visual delight with red and greens of fresh vegetables that become a platform for showcasing various diamond pendants, earrings or rings.

Abhijeet Achwal, Merchandising and Marketing Manager, Tanishq, said, “We have done campaigns for high worth jewellery, but from our experience we felt that women keep on adding small pieces every now and then. Targeting these working women and homemakers we have launched ‘Everydays’, a range that is simple, wearable and sports contemporary design.”

He further said, “We have seen almost 30-35 per cent growth in sales in our diamond jewellery range of products in the last one year and have actually done so by targeting a different set of buyers than the traditional gold buyers. These are typically working women with disposable income or women who are exposed to different kinds of situations and look for jewellery that’s wearable, light yet elegant.”

The TVC plays upon the everyday health and beauty regime that more and more women are beginning to follow. Sharon Nayak of Lowe, Bangalore, who has worked on the campaign, explained, “Eight glasses of water, fresh vegetables or fruits are part of our daily lives and essential beauty regime. We equated these daily beauty essentials with the newly launched jewellery, which is again targeted as a daily wear.”

Steering away from cliché, the agency decided to take this route for the TVC. The fruits and vegetables, Nayak explained, also provided a unique and colourful platform to showcase the new jewellery line.

Tanishq is also gearing up for the festival season with a new campaign that would showcase various collections that is due to be launched by end of September. These would include fashion, royal, only emerald, platinum and diamond set collections along with the usual gold ones.

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