TAG Media Network to launch with in-store television advertising at 62 Spencer’s stores in October

TAG Media Network to launch with in-store television advertising at 62 Spencer’s stores in October

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Sep 21,2006 9:23 AM

TAG Media Network to launch with in-store television advertising at 62 Spencer’s stores in October

TAG Media Network Inc (TMN) has announced that it would launch a national in-store television network, the first in India. The Network will debut on October 1, 2006 in 62 Spencer’s stores across India. TAG, based in Washington, DC, is operating this new venture in partnership with the MAA Group.

TMN expects to operate in key organised retail outlets nationally in the coming months. In addition to Spencer’s, TAG will be working with Fabmall stores across India (from January 2007), and is in discussions with several other national retail chains. Bunty Peerbhoy and Dan Ginsburg are the operational heads of the Network.

Dan Ginsburg, CEO, TAG Media Network Inc (a former Draft head), said, “India has great potential in terms of retail, which is growing at a rapid rate. Enormous amount of investments are being pumped into the retail sector everyday. We want to capitalise on this opportunity with the launch of TAG Media in India. I am confident that TAG Media will be very successful in India.”

MAA Holdings has two roles in TAG Media Network. While it is a stakeholder in the global company TAG Media Network, it is a JV partner in India. The company plans to be present in five countries by the end of 2007, which includes India, two countries in South East Asia and two countries in Europe.

“The launch of the Indian venture is in response to the incredible growth and innovation seen in the Indian organised retail market. A key differentiator, TAG Media will be both the physical screen network and the tailored programming designed to provide the best possible environment for brand marketers to promote their products,” said local partner Peerbhoy, Chairman of the MAA Group.

TAG will present consumers with a mix of ‘relevant’ original programming, public service programming, advertisements, retail promotions, and programming from strategic partners such as TV18. State-of-the-art flat screen television monitors will be installed at super markets, malls and major shopping destinations, providing advertisers a platform to advertise in an environment where consumer brand decisions are made. Programming will be delivered to retail locations via broadband from TAG’s operational headquarters in Bangalore.

Peerbhoy added, “As lifelong marketers and pioneers in the global retail video marketplace, we believe the time for this medium is right now, and particularly so in India where organised retail is growing at an enviable 25-plus per cent per annum. This is a distinctive undertaking and the growth potential is unlimited.”

The revenue model is based on advertising, and a marketing team is being set up currently. According to the promoters, the CPT is far lesser and the medium is more relevant than C&S television. TAG will also pay retailers for presence at the malls. The promoters’ optimism is born of successful models like the Walmart Television Network, which is the fourth largest television network in the US. With the Indian retail boom imminent, one might as well take this medium seriously.

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