Sunny Advertising completes 25 years, chalks out growth plans

Sunny Advertising completes 25 years, chalks out growth plans

Author | Shikha Saroj | Thursday, Feb 23,2006 7:40 AM

Sunny Advertising completes 25 years, chalks out growth plans

Sunny Advertising has come a long way from its modest beginnings in 1981. The Mumbai-centric agency has entered its ‘25th year of dreaming’ in 2006 and has chalked out several plans for expansion.

In an age where communication companies look at diversifying businesses, Sunny Advertising has walked on a narrow but clear path. The agency believes in being a wholly owned Indian company that mainly focuses on print advertising in Mumbai. Said Sunil Sheth, MD, Sunny Advertising, “People who build their businesses from scratch will not sell. For me, dignity lies in completely owning my business.”

Sheth added, “We call it ‘25 years of dreaming’ because dream is the first spark of a good idea. I do not believe in advertising for advertising’s sake. This is why I have openly supported the closing of dance bars in Mumbai, appreciating the film ‘Black’, and urging people to not solely depend on the stock market to make money before the ‘Harshad Mehta scam’ was made public. I advertised for these issues because I talk about what I strongly believe in.”

“People will not listen to you if you sermonise. Advertisers fighting for social causes have to make people aware through innovative ideas that will catch people’s attention,” he further said.

Even though Sunny Advertising now plans to advertise through FM, Internet and outdoors, Sheth is clear that the organisation will mainly focus on advertising through print media for now. He added, “I will slowly start focusing on mediums other than print. It is important to specialise and hire the right people to drive my business towards FM, Internet and out-of-home advertising in the near future.”

“Besides focusing on retail clients, we now intend focusing on Indian corporate and MNCs. The advantage of focusing on retail clients is that the response to your ad can be gauged immediately and you know if your ad has worked to increase the client’s business,” he added.

Sunny Advertising has clients from Mumbai and is also the regional agency for national companies. Some of its clients include Ford India, Bank of Maharashtra, ETC Networks Ltd, GE Countrywide, HDFC Bank Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd, Samsung India Electronics Ltd, Swarovski, Tata Motors and Titan Watches.

The agency has offices in Andheri, Fort, Thane and Vashi, and Sheth would rather have offices all over Mumbai than expand nationally. “Mumbai is a very big market and I have an entrenched business here. My plans this year are to increase my turnover by advertising through new mediums and offering wider services to clients.”

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