Sunil Gupta unravels ‘Living on the ‘Adge’ in Jhande Walan Thompson’

Sunil Gupta unravels ‘Living on the ‘Adge’ in Jhande Walan Thompson’

Author | Robin Thomas | Monday, Sep 07,2009 8:24 AM

Sunil Gupta unravels ‘Living on the ‘Adge’ in Jhande Walan Thompson’

“‘Living on the ‘Adge’ in Jhande Walan Thompson’ is the story of a metropolitan Indian’s career through a modern profession: advertising. That’s a bit like saying PG Wodehouse bore witness to the habits of the English upper classes: the analogy’s accurate, but doesn’t capture the lunatic pleasure of the enterprise. This is the funniest book written by a ‘desi’ in years and reduced me to giggling hysteria,” thus wrote Mukul Kesavan. He was writing about the new book written by Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner South Asia, Results International and Regional Director, South West Asia, APRAIS Worldwide.

‘Living on the ‘Adge’ in Jhande Walan Thompson’ talks about Gupta’s 23-year advertising journey and aims at grabbing the attention of the readers with a lot of fun, a lot to admire about the industry and even ponder over along the way.

Speaking on his book, Gupta said, “There is no book that I can think of in India that talks about life inside the advertising industry, right from the junior levels, they all talk about the creamy layers. The reality of life in an advertising agency is totally different, and in my book I want my readers to know all shades of life in the advertising industry.”

He further said, “I personally had a wonderful life in the ad industry, I have worked with all kinds of clients and in three different decades, that is, right from 1978 to 2002, where India changed completely. My book is not about case studies, it is about life, it’s about learning and the lessons learnt. My book is about fun, a human story and not a ‘text book’.”

“In this book, one will be able to learn a little bit about life as you are dealing with all kinds of people. My book talks about the inside life of the ad agencies, nevertheless scam ads or any unethical practices and so on are neither subject nor object of my book,” he added.

The book will also find names of Colvyn Harris, CEO, JWT India; Rohit Ohri, Managing Partner, JWT Delhi; and Anita Gupta, SVP and Managing Partner, JWT Chennai, among the few. “They are all part of the book because they are the people I have interacted with at some point of time,” said Gupta.

So, is there any take away for the readers? Gupta wants his readers to take away the fact that advertising is a business for passionate people; it’s about passion, determination, and what makes agencies and people successful. “There is no preaching, I want people to laugh and realise that at the end of the day, you get and you give, but one needs to prepare to give more from what you get,” he noted.

Gupta, who is responsible for India and Sri Lanka at APRAIS Worldwide, had earlier held the positions of Executive Vice-President at HTA (now JWT) Mumbai; Vice-President JWT Kolkata; and Senior VP, JWT Delhi. Prior to this, he was also Chief Operating Officer at BBDO, and still found time to complete his MBA. During his career, Gupta has worked with clients like PepsiCo, Unilever, Nestle, Kellogg’s, GlaxoSmithKline and Honda.

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