Standing ovation for a moist-eyed Piyush Pandey @Goafest 2016

Standing ovation for a moist-eyed Piyush Pandey @Goafest 2016

Author | Srabana Lahiri | Tuesday, Apr 12,2016 9:07 AM

Standing ovation for a moist-eyed Piyush Pandey @Goafest 2016

Ad guru Piyush Pandey was felicitated at the recently held Goafest 2016l. It was a moment of high emotions as the industry welcomed him with open affection and a standing ovation. Ogilvy’s decision to stay away from the Abby Awards for the last couple of years made little difference to the high regard for Piyush Pandey, celebrated adman and a person full of genuine warmth 


“I thank the AAAI, the Ad Club Mumbai, and the advertising fraternity for making me cry and cry. And I thank all of you who gave me such a wonderful welcome. In our small business, I think Sachin Tendulkar would be proud of it. All I can say is that there is so much of energy in this room, keep that energy going be proud of yourselves, be famous in the streets… The streets of Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow and Goa and not only in the streets of Cannes. I want your neighbours, your parents, your relatives, your friends, your schoolmates to be proud of you. When they are proud of you, the world will be proud of you,” said Piyush Pandey. “I have spent more than half of my life in this business, and this industry has given me so much of joy that I feel in my everyday life. I would love to be in the last seat of this room a few years from now, hooting and watching you, I should be able to listen, cheer and say you make me proud.”


I see it as being a part of my industry. I love seeing the young people of the industry. I see the energy and I feel good. Goafest is an extension of the Bombay Ad Club awards. I have great memories of Bombay Ad Club awards. I grew up on that. So, it’s nice to be back today.


According to Piyush Pandey, young participation is the best thing that can happen to any industry around the world. “But sensible participation is the thing. The work should not be for a barber shop or a paan shop or a sweet shop. We have to be a little more mature. My message to young people is that, don’t do work for the sake of doing work. Do work which is meaningful. That will make you much bigger, much stronger and much more meaningful.”

But does the fact that Piyush Pandey stays away from Goafest send the wrong message to youngsters about participating in industry award shows? Says Pandey, “In a way, you might be right that if I am not participating, the youngsters may say that something is wrong. On the other hand, I would like the youngsters to know why am I not participating, what would I expect from them? I want a scenario where people do work which is loved by people on the streets. Youngsters must know that I am not away from it because I don’t believe in it. I am away from it because I don’t believe in a barber’s shop or a sweet shop kind of advertising. I believe that it must reach everyone on the streets of India and hopefully I’d be able to convince them at some stage.”

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