SRK endorses his decade-long connect with Nokia in new TVC

SRK endorses his decade-long connect with Nokia in new TVC

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Wednesday, Dec 26,2007 7:20 AM

SRK endorses his decade-long connect with Nokia in new TVC

In yet another initiative to connect with its consumers, Nokia India has tied up with Shah Rukh Khan for a new brand campaign. The mobile phone major has launched a TVC directed by ad and feature filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar. Bates David Enterprise is the creative agency behind the TVC.

Sharing the rationale for choosing SRK for this association, Devinder Kishore, Director-Marketing, Nokia India, said, “There is a complete synergy between Nokia and the personification of the Shah Rukh Khan as a brand – both have a youth connect, are trendy, technology savvy and most importantly, symbolise trust. We believe this is the perfect coming together of the two leading brands in entertainment and mobility.”

Khan added, “Nokia’s very human technology has made it simpler for people to stay connected – with each other and to their passions. I have been a Nokia user for more than a decade and have used various handsets over the years. I am absolutely delighted to work with a brand that I admire.”

Sharing the creative thought behind the TVC, Pradeep Sarkar said, “The brief to me was to showcase Nokia as a friend and a soul mate. I have woven in elements of warmth, endurance and genuineness in the TVC that best describe the personalities of both Nokia and Shah Rukh.”

“This a very warm, emotional campaign that focuses on the seamless weaving of Nokia in people’s lives today and how it has become a trusted friend by being with them in their important moments. It also brings out how people use the elements of mobility – voice, imaging, SMS, music in their everyday life,” Kishore added.

The TVC begins with SRK dressed in a black suit and tie, talking on his cell phone and walking in his living room. As he does so, he says, “Kuch khas baatein sabse pehle kuch khas hi jaantein hain.” He opens the door and enters into a nursery with a cradle in it. Khan calls out to his son and says, “Jaise zindagi mein nayee zindagi ka aana…”

The actor then walks up to another door at the other end of the nursery. He enters a room that looks like a bedroom with the pictures of him and his wife on the walls. He dusts one of the frames lying on the tabletop with affection, saying, “Har taqraar aur pyar ka afsaana.” Khan then smiles and walks up to the door at the other end of the room. Opening yet another door, he enters a room that looks like a movie launch event, with the banner of ‘Om Shanti Om’ in the background and people congratulating him.

He opens another door to enter a crowded market place. The camera zooms out to reveal the place bubbling with people. “Har din nayee pehchaan karata hain duriyan mitata hai,” says the actor. Khan moves to another space where a bunch of youngsters are hanging around, listening to music and taking photos with their Nokia phones. As they see SRK, they rush towards him and take his pictures too. “Har dhun…naye ehsaas...tasveeron mein duniya dikhata hai,” he says.

Khan finally opens the door at the end of room and steps out into a balcony that overlooks a clear sky. He finally, says, “Ek aisa dost jo hai har dil shamil… Nokia mera hamsafar... dus saalse mera saathi, merawishwash, Hamara Nokia.”

Arun Mahajan Vice President-Account Management, Bates David Enterprise, said, “The brief we got from Nokia was to do a trust campaign with celebrity values. The best person endorsing will be SRK who is using the mobile himself.”

Alok Agrawal, Executive VP, Bates David Enterprise, added, “The TVC is about the reinforcement of the brand. The TVC has just hit the air two days ago in all news and entertainment channels. The print campaign will be visible across national dailies in three days, as well as the OOH campaign. An online campaign will be released too, while the TVC would later be integrated with other consumer touch points.”

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