Spice launches Cappuccino to connect with youth

Spice launches Cappuccino to connect with youth

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Wednesday, Jan 25,2012 7:48 AM

Spice launches Cappuccino to connect with youth

Joining the bandwagon of brands targeting the youth, S Mobility (Spice Mobiles) has launched a new TVC for their latest offering a new touch screen mobile 'Cappuccino' on January 21, 2012. A heightened music experience with surround sound (SRS) and a Yamaha amplifier, along with a great Internet experience, are the features being highlighted by the brand to capture the target audience.

Attempting to stand out from the clutter of advertising of touch phones, the commercial which has been conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather has been given a cool pop music video treatment which is one of the most surfed genre by youth. The brand hopes to build a strong positioning in the youth segment, by telling the story of the mobile phone in a form that the youth find most entertaining that is , a cool and catchy music track.

“The brief required us to tell the youth of India that Spice Mobile, has just launched a super stylish Cappuccino mobile which doesn’t just deliver a mind blowing music experience with Surround Sound but also an amazing internet experience with its Smart Touch technology. Being a commercial in the form of an English pop music video, it will be the first of its kind. The pop video feel along with the catchy electro - pop track places our music video in a genre popular with the youth of today.” said Rajiv Rao National Creative Director Ogilvy and Mather
The music used in the TVC is in essence an electro - pop tune, this is complimented by an almost robotic voice and a dub blass line, with a hope of finding a direct connect with the youth.

A sentiment echoed by Payal Gaba, VP – Marketing, S Mobility Limited. “The team was facing a challenge in terms of creating something very different and unique. A proposition which was very peppy and bubbly full of energy and brings alive the real life context of the applications on the phone as the phone itself does. Thus the entire idea of bringing alive, hit, touch and like. In today’s scenario where everything is being pushed at youth, we had to come up with content which the Youth looks for i.e. pulls, and the first thing which you can connect with , is Music. Thus the entire thought of creating a Music Video as a TVC. The entire ad has a very electro - pop tune that shows off its catchiness with synth lines that get groovier with each note.”

Through this launch Spice hopes to position the Cappuccino as an ‘always on’ access in today’s digital world.

“We would like to position Spice as the window to this digital world which allows smart connectivity on our mobile internet devices to the youth. The youth should view, Spice as a vibrant and fun youth brand with smart mobile internet devices that allows you to be in touch and have fun anywhere” added Payal .

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