Some revitalisation from Leo Burnett’s for Glucon D

Some revitalisation from Leo Burnett’s for Glucon D

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Friday, Jun 01,2007 9:20 AM

Some revitalisation from Leo Burnett’s for Glucon D

Glucon D has recently released a campaign with the message that the ‘sun saps energy, and Glucon D helps restore the energy in your system’. The campaign has been taken across the mediums of outdoor, online and television. Leo Burnett is the creative agency and the Creative Director is Sukumar Menon.

KV Sridhar (better known as Pops), National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, explained that the idea of the campaign is a timely one because most people drink a lot of water in summer due to the increase in thirst. “The message of the campaign is to tell people to add Glucon D to their water while drinking it, because just water is not enough to replenish the energy that they lose out on a sunny day,” he said.

In addition to the mainline mediums, Glucon D has also used the point of sales platform with in-shop advertising. They have also used online publicity. “We are trying to develop more advertising online though,” added Pops.

The television commercial shows a child coming home from school, and being given plain water by his mother. A voice over however provides the information to her about how Glucon D is essential. “We are working on new ideas as well. By next month, there should be more ads that we bring out on this, and there will definitely be lots more activity on this,” said Pops.

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