Smooth, slick and sensuous: Can this be cement?

Smooth, slick and sensuous: Can this be cement?

Author | Charulata Ravi Kumar | Saturday, May 16,2015 9:52 AM

Smooth, slick and sensuous: Can this be cement?

A cement commercial that evokes strength and sensuality? But what’s more surprising is that a brand in a staid and seemingly boring category has the courage to step aside from its comfort zone and change the game for all others!

The new positioning for UltraTech is clearly a stance that only a leader would dare to plunge into. Strength, beauty and sensuality portrayed through confident models, memorable music, crisp editing and a touch of class. Very focussed in their purpose of creating for generations to come. Creating structures that challenge norms and limits of possibilities.

UltraTech unravels a sense of timelessness that make the tools in the film, like trowels, edgers, fresnos and wheelbarrows seem ethereal and implements of cosmic creations.

Building a strong brand that exists for a purpose beyond its consumption is not easy. UltraTech seems to urge everyone to create to fulfill a dual purpose of durability and beauty. Keeping astride with the nation’s mood. The brand has clearly outlasted generations. The new approach will surely change the game in cements. Will it get etched in memories? Time will tell. Meanwhile, UltraTech’s “Build Beautiful” is a good life philosophy to adopt. Why create anything that is mediocre and temporary?

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