Smirnoff Twist introduces three new flavours

Smirnoff Twist introduces three new flavours

Author | Ankit Mogra | Friday, Aug 27,2004 7:33 AM

Smirnoff Twist introduces three new flavours

Premium vodka and white spirit Smirnoff has launched three new flavours of Smirnoff Twist. The new Orange, Raspberry & Vanilla flavours are expected to add to the excitements of the Smirnoff Citrus Twist launched earlier. Priced at a marginal premium over Smirnoff, the Twist range comes in 750 ml SKU and will be available in a unique twisted bottle.

UDV India, a part of Diageo PLC, started its operations in India in 1994. The company currently produce, bottle in India and market brands like Smirnoff, Black & White, VAT69, Archers Peach Schnapps and Gilbey's Gin.

Smirnoff, a premium vodka brand, has distribution in 130 countries and a number of products, including Smirnoff Ice, a ready-to-drink alcohol beverage, Smirnoff Black Ice and the Smirnoff Twist, flavoured vodkas.

Amar Raj Singh, Managing Director, India and South Asia-UDV India, said, "We are happy to announce the launch of three new flavours of Smirnoff Twist. The new product is yet another addition to a range of UDV's brands."

Reasoning the launch, he said, "Through this, we would encourage our consumers to experiment it with new flavours and add the Smirnoff Twist to their favorite mixes to have a great time creating new drinks. Smirnoff Twist offers a winning combination of a brand consumers already know and trust and the opportunity to try something new - one we believe consumers will enthusiastically accept."

The new Smirnoff flavors have a sharp, twisted and tapered glass bottle with embossing incorporates a clean red and silver logo reflective of both the brand's Russian heritage as well as the contemporary vitality of Smirnoff. Anchoring the logo design is a new double-headed eagle icon, which draws its inspiration from Imperial Russian Court awards confer upon the brand in the late 1880s.

UDV India will support the launch of Smirnoff Twist with "Enjoy your twisted side" based promotions, consumer sampling activities across Delhi.

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