Smaller Ad agencies join hands, forms AAG. Media buying unit next on agenda

Smaller Ad agencies join hands, forms AAG. Media buying unit next on agenda

Author | Neha Pant | Wednesday, Oct 09,2002 7:51 AM

Smaller Ad agencies join hands, forms AAG. Media buying unit next on agenda

Delhi-based advertising agencies have formed Advertising Agencies Guild (AAG). AAG resolves to promote, encourage and develop the business of advertising on a single platform, looking after the interests of small and medium-sized agencies. AAG also intends to form a media-buying unit next year.

"This is a servicing industry. And all the servicing businesses like this have such bodies to address the issues. Similarly, we felt that there was a need to address the concerns of our industry from a common platform, hence the formation of AAG. This body will focus on addressing the issues of the advertising agencies concerning a particular area in our case, as we are Delhi based," says Kunal Lalani, President, AAG. Lalani is also the MD of Crayons Advertising.

Further, to protect the interest of its members, the Guild is also exploring the prospects of media buying. Says Lalani, "At this point of time, this is a proposal which we are trying to look at. And before we form this platform all members need to understand each other and then evaluate how the business model works." And if everything goes as per the plans then the common media agency will be in place by next year. The guild will also consider to pool media data.

Talking about the issues, which are on AAG's top hit list, Brij Khungar, Secretary, AAG, says, "The issues which we will be taking up immediately will include updating the members of AAG through the exchange of information. For instance, the list of defaulting clients, undercutting of the agency commission and the immoral practices by small newspapers and magazines that directly approach companies and tempt them with bulk discounts." Khungar is also the Director of Crescent Advertising.

The list of 15 current members of AAG includes Crayons Advertising, Crescent Communications, Cencer Advertising, Arms Communications and Dhar & Hoon. "With the response we have received from the agencies, we are hopeful that around 20 agencies will register with AAG as members by end of this month and around 30 by the end of this year," adds Khungar.

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