Skoda creates platform for iB&W talent

Skoda creates platform for iB&W talent

Author | Ashish Singh | Friday, May 07,2004 6:25 AM

Skoda creates platform for iB&W talent

For iB&W (inBlack&White), the credo ‘bigger the idea, lower the cost’ has been the lodestar for over a decade. “We do not believe in being ornamented year over year, it’s damn ephemeral. But we will now stay in the race of Emvies or likes,” says Chief Executive and head of iB&W Delhi branch Avijit Dutt.

As per iB&W, the gross billings have grown from Rs 50 million in 1992 to beyond Rs 2,000 million in 2003. And, what has been the secret? Perhaps it is the philosophy of an undying chemistry – the client is the right side of the brain while the ad agency is the left side.

Dutt who launched Monte Carlo in the 1990s is back to basics again at iB&W. And this time, his dark horse is the recently won Skoda assignments. “Skoda which is a sort of homecoming for us will be the launch pad for iB&W to showcase what it treasures,” he said.

Calling Skoda as a breath of oxygen, he said: “There will be turnarounds and the future will be brighter and we’ll get the best.

His thought process at iB&W is to understand the consumer behaviour. There will be enough activity on the Skoda account – the standalone four-wheeler, which will certainly make a long lasting scratch in the consumer’s mind and create a craving for the car, claims the CEO.

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