Sixth edition of Effie Awards set to unfurl on November 17

Sixth edition of Effie Awards set to unfurl on November 17

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Oct 03,2006 6:55 AM

Sixth edition of Effie Awards set to unfurl on November 17

Effie Awards 2006 has turned the Bombay Ad Club offices in a high action mode. The Awards are scheduled for November 17 this year and the last date for receiving the entries is September 30, 2006. This is the sixth year of the Awards in India. The Chairperson of the Effie Function Committee this year is Lowe India’s COO, Pranesh Misra. The Proctor of the two-stage judging process is Dorab Sopariwala.

Speaking on the Awards, Misra said, “Effie started in the US and has been in operation for the last 37 years and hence, is an established Award. They are very strict in their ways – the entry forms, judging processes are all standardised and the Effie body ensures that organisations adhere to these formats to be eligible to get the Effie franchise. It’s a very rigorous international discipline and it is followed everywhere. The whole experience to be working on something like this has really been good so far.”

The Bombay Ad Club was the first club to get an Effie affiliation in Asia. The Club’s President Kalpana Rao said, “Over the years, events gather interest and more people join in. Effie in the last five years has also seen a year-on-year growth and this year would be one of the best years of the Effie Awards.”

Misra seconded that. He is excited about the fact that an Award as “tough and thorough” as the Effie Awards have grown the way it had. He said, “Winning an Effie means creating advertising works in the market place and delivers return on investment for the client.”

“The more you win the better. At the Effies, the name of the game is being consistent. You cannot change the rules year after year and there is a practised method of judging. There are reputed clients who are in the jury and it’s not restricted to any particular aspect of the industry. It is a complete award and I sure am looking forward to the Effie,” he further said.

And so is the rest of the industry. With the last date for receiving entries over, the Bombay Ad Club is now geared up for the judging of these to decide who get to take home the Effie on November 17, 2006.

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