Shooting Down Under becomes easier with Instinct

Shooting Down Under becomes easier with Instinct

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Jan 29,2007 7:45 AM

Shooting Down Under becomes easier with Instinct

With advertisers willing to spare no expense in getting the perfect advertisement shot, ad filmmakers are looking for greener pastures overseas as well. We’ve seen several advertisements that have been shot in the exotic locales of Switzerland or Mauritius, etc. Now, Instinct India is trying to lure filmmakers from across the country to shoot in Australia.

Though Instinct India is yet to launch a marketing campaign, it is already in talks with a number of film and advertising professionals.

Explaining the uses of their online destination,, Luke Gracias, Director-Marketing, said, “The site offers the benefits of being able to shop on line. In simple terms, we will help you shop for the best value your rupee can buy for you in Australia. More importantly, we have the knowledge of the best people at a given budget that will complete your project and meet and exceed your expectations.”

Remarking on the keenness shown by some film and advertising professionals in the country, Gracias said, “We have already been invited to bid on a number of upcoming advertising campaigns from companies we met during our market research phase. We are also in talks with a large film production house for outsourcing its entire production to us. Although the companies associated with Instinct India have been making advertisements and films for a very long time, we have only been in a position to accept work from the start of this year (2007).”

Speaking about the geographical and cost benefits from this association, Gracias explained, “In terms of the terrain, seasonal advertising of new ranges can be shot here just before the season opens out for the sale of the product in India and other markets in the Northern Hemisphere. We are currently looking at a few summer range products. Even for France, they come to Australia to shoot their ‘winter wear’, because they can pre-empt the season. Moreover, the Australian dollar offers a better exchange rate to the US dollar and the Euro, so you get more value for your money. Also, we have teamed up with film professionals, show travel companies, post-production firms to provide the best possible services at reasonable prices.”

Gracias further revealed that a number of companies from Hollywood, the Australian film industry and the local and international advertising industry had associated with Instinct India.

“We aim to be a one-stop shop for shooting Indian movies, advertisements and music videos in Australia,” he asserted.

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