Second phase of Recova ad campaign breaking in 10 days

Second phase of Recova ad campaign breaking in 10 days

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Dec 03,2005 9:04 AM

Second phase of Recova ad campaign breaking in 10 days

The ad campaign for Recova cream highlights a true claim and aims to make it believable, hence the plots of the films had to be essentially real. One common element in both films was the protagonist who would be a Recova speaker – a satisfied customer who had tried Recova. The environment in which she interacts, and the manner in which she talks about Recova was subject to the plot.

Mudra Ahmedabad, Group Headm Vipin Dhyani, said, “To drive the point of Recova’s wonderful results, the first film (‘Party’) uses a common human behaviour – sometimes, we deliberately refrain from appreciating someone genuinely in public due to jealousy and surprise. But in our mind, we are vocal about what we actually feel. So, the film opens on a glamorous night party with well dressed men and women, exotic drinks and food doing the rounds. One of the women in a group looks surprised and awed on seeing the host (the Recova user). The host has a youthful charm and glow on her face, which is missing from the face of other woman. The two women are of around same age and appear to be meeting after a couple of weeks. She compliments the host half-heartedly but in her mind can’t stop raving about the host’s beauty. She presses the host for tellingg the secret. On hearing about Recova, she confirms again if it’s the 30-night skin repair cream. On getting a positive reply, she curses herself for not using the cream despite knowing about it. Women who have refrained from using Recova for lack of assurance will immediately connect to this character.”

Elaborating on the second film, Dhyani said, “It is set in a shopping mall and addresses the issue of price. Here again, the premise that women understand women well is used as a creative plank – so that the two main women in the film need not be talking literally but converse in expressions and through mind speak. The film features a woman who has used Recova and so, she’s looking ravishing and confident. Another woman, with a worn out look on her face is standing near the Recova shelf, picking the tube and then keeping it back. The dilemma is written well on her face, as she keeps coming back to buy a Recova cream but is hesitant to do so. The Recova woman is noticing this. The woman in dilemma expresses her concern about the price. On this, the Recova user reminds her about the invaluable wealth of beauty. Moreover, she herself serves as a proof of the Recova magic. The film ends on a positive note, with the women in dilemma finally getting convinced about buying a Recova.”

Nothing could be a better proof than the reality. And this is the biggest scoring point of both these films. The situations used in both films are very much real, the behaviour pattern shown is quite practical and true, and to top it all, it speaks about a product that’s honest in its claims. In a way, both of these films mirror a part of our target audience’s lives. It is then no surprise that scores of women will relate to these films and have these issues being cleared in their minds as well.

The two films look all set to clear the doubts of price justification and product benefit and are bound to bring in lot more new customers. It is resulting in a great looking growth chart as well.

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