Second edition of SGF’s ‘Provocations’ features R Balki and Vinita Bali

Second edition of SGF’s ‘Provocations’ features R Balki and Vinita Bali

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Thursday, Apr 12,2007 9:26 AM

Second edition of SGF’s ‘Provocations’ features R Balki and Vinita Bali

The series initiated by the Subhash Ghosal Foundation last year ‘Provocations’ is all set for its second edition. Where last creative gurus Alyque Padamsee and Piyush Pandey brought creativity in the Indian industry last year, this year it would be Lowe’s ECD R Balakrishnan (Balki) and Britannia’s CEO Vinita Bali. The ‘provoker’ of the session is Santosh Desai, CEO, Future Brand. The event is scheduled for April 13.

Speaking on the overall event, Madison Media’s Sam Balsara, who is also organising this event, said, “The whole idea behind Provocations is to take a burning issue of the industry that very clearly has two sides to it. We get experts and people who the industry looks up to from both the sides and debate on the subject.”

Last year, the debate was on the weakening of advertising as a discipline over the years. From the increase in scams, black-book advertising and shortcuts as seen in some celebrity ads, to the decrease in icons created by advertising, jingles that stayed forever and a campaign to remember — the grievance list goes on. Padamsee and Pandey had spoken on these issues.

The theme this year is on ‘risk and responsibility’. A general belief is that creative directors, in a bid to experiment, tend to risk and in some cases, they risk enough to the extent of being irresponsible. Advertisers, on other hand, are argued to be cautious and at times, cautious enough to hamper creativity. Balki and Bali will present either side of the picture in this discussion.

The event is open to all professionals of the Indian media, advertising and marketing fraternity. “We had a great discussion last year — some very important points came out and we are looking to a similar event this year as well,” said Balsara.

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