Seagull Advertising initiates innovative recruitment process

Seagull Advertising initiates innovative recruitment process

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Dec 14,2013 10:59 AM

Seagull Advertising initiates innovative recruitment process

Seagull Advertising, a 17-year old creative advertising and brand consultancy firm based out of Pune, has decided to hold its latest recruitment interviews for over eight positions at Kiva, a popular pub lounge in Pune.

This recruitment party, called ‘Cheers to Ideas’, has already generated interest in the advertising and marketing space, with over 200 candidates applying to the different posts. Cheers to Ideas is not only a recruitment platform; it is a forum where ideas, irrespective of which field they come from, will be celebrated.

Elaborating on the reasons behind this innovative recruitment drive, Sameer
Desai, MD, Seagull Advertising said, “We’ve become very conditioned nowadays to do things in a certain way; even in a creative environment like the advertising industry. So, we decided to think out of the box, literally get out of the box, even for a standard procedure like recruitment. Also, in an informal atmosphere, a person is more comfortable, more relaxed and so will fare better in the interview. And most importantly, the candidates will be their true selves, because you cannot really lie after a few drinks!”

Meanwhile, an interesting experience awaits the user when he uploads his resume on the Seagull website. As the prospective candidate fills in the details on the form, a beer glass fills up, according to the information shared. If the candidate is a perfect fit, the beer is stronger. If he’s only an average match, the beer is mild. If the qualifications and requirements don’t add up at all, then the beer glass fills up with milk.

Desai added, “Hopefully the next Cheers to Ideas get-together will have painters, artists, musicians, innovators, advertisers, marketers, all coming together and sharing and exchanging ideas over a beer.”

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