Scotch-Brite, bringing mummy back to the family

Scotch-Brite, bringing mummy back to the family

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Feb 25,2008 6:51 AM

Scotch-Brite, bringing mummy back to the family

A scrubber is a scrubber is a scrubber, right? Wrong. The humble kitchen regular becomes a platform for creating an emotional connect with families in the new TVC for Scotch-Brite. The TVC emphasises the fact that if a scrubber is not good then the mother misses out on quality family time as she is too caught up in the drudgery of the chore of relentlessly cleaning the utensils, but to no avail.

Sanjit Satapathy, Division Manager, Homecare, Scotch-Brite, said, “We wanted a communication that was interesting and with the times, besides highlighting the product benefit and appealing to the younger audience.”

He added, “Though this is a low involvement category, I think the commercial has managed to communicate in an interesting manner the message that Scotch-Brite scores over traditional scrubbers. The initial feedback has been positive as there is a buzz about the ad and people have noticed it. But, it is too early to comment on the benefit that the product has accrued in terms of sales because of the TVC.”

Grey Bangalore is the agency that has conceived the commercial. Vishnu Srivatsav, Creative Director, Grey Bangalore, commented, “While in the earlier commercial we took the animation route, this is more of a thematic communication. The purpose was to generate interest and empathy in a low involvement category. We have tried to emphasise on the ‘mom missing family time’ because of a bad scrubber. The underlying humour is not over the top as we wanted to focus on the missing family time factor.”

The TVC opens with a man getting up in the morning to find his wife missing and asks about her whereabouts. The next scene shows her children with a drawing of their mother behind a pile of utensils as they ask ‘kahan hai mummy?’ The refrain gets echoed as the mother is missing while the family is playing a game, watching television and also from the family photograph. The mother is shown busy in the kitchen scrubbing utensils and the voiceover informs that her time is consumed in scrubbing utensils and the fault lies not with the soap bar, but the bad scrubber. The TVC proceeds to show that the family is happily reunited as the mother discovers the superior technology Scotch-Brite, which helps her in cleaning utensils better and faster.

The music for the commercial has been composed by Rupert Fernandes and directed by Sudhir Makhija of Doctor Films. The team was spearheaded by NCD Priti Nair and from Grey Bangalore included Creative Directors Vishnu Srivatsav and Sham Ramachandran and Jacob Thomas (copy). The servicing team included Harikrishnan, Akshay Ananth and Arindam Biswas.

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