Scarecrow Communications widens its horizon

Scarecrow Communications widens its horizon

Author | Tuhina Anand | Tuesday, Dec 28,2010 7:26 AM

Scarecrow Communications widens its horizon

Manish Bhatt and Raghu Bhat led Scarecrow Communications is giving the finishing touch to their plans of giving the industry and art lovers a platform where they can showcase their work and also participate and learn from industry leaders by means of discussions. Their office is designed in such a way where the walls of the office can be used as an art gallery, and the duo, along with their partners, will kickstart these in January 2011.

Talking about their plans, Manish Bhatt said, “We wanted to create a platform where young talent can showcase their work. Our office is designed such with all the physical amenities that’s a requisite for an art gallery. We would encourage young talent from the art schools and the industry to come and show their work. This is just a platform to celebrate pure creativity.”

He added, “We also hope that the platform will encourage people to show work that many a time due to lack of platform ends as scam advertising.”

But before the art gallery, Scarecrow Communications plans to provide a platform where proven talent and potential talent can come together and learn from exchange of ideas in the form of seminars and discussions.

“We would like to begin the knowledge sessions in January 2011 and get the industry leaders and talent together on the same platform. Following these sessions, we would also invite them to experience our gallery, thus giving them an idea of the facilities available to them. After this, we plan to schedule the art shows.”

The agency will also make available the merchandise, including the art works, featured on their website


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