Satyam’s net profit up by 141% at Rs 121.46cr

Satyam’s net profit up by 141% at Rs 121.46cr

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Satyam’s  net profit up by 141% at Rs 121.46cr

Satyam Computer Services has posted an impressive growth of 141.15 per cent in net profit in the first quarter ending June 30, 2001, as compared to the previous year's first three months.

The company recorded a jump of Rs 71.09 crores by registering a net profit of Rs 121.46 crores as against the previous year's Rs 50.37 crores.

The total income of Satyam went up by Rs 181 crores and recorded Rs 421.02 crores as against Rs 240.72 crores in the previous year during the first quarter.

Income from software exports registered a growth of Rs 171.63 crores with the current quarter figure showing Rs 400.74 crores against the corresponding figure of Rs 227.91 crores during the previous quarter.

Total expenditure has gone up from Rs 151.02 crores to Rs 262.98 crores this quarter, while the EPS (on par value of Rs 2 per share) stood at 3.81.

The board of directors' meeting, held on Wednesday, has recorded the financial results of the first quarter during which period, the company raised Rs 759.95 crores through American Depository Shares.

Each ADS is represented by two equity shares and the paid-up capital was increased by Rs 667 lakhs. The company's ADS listed on the New York Stock Exchange on May 15 last under the symbol 'Say'.

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