Santro shifts focus of its advertising on eve of Swift launch

Santro shifts focus of its advertising on eve of Swift launch

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 24,2005 8:01 AM

Santro shifts focus of its advertising on eve of Swift launch

Hyundai Motors has launched a new advertisement announcing the Santro Xing with 'active intelligence' technology engine. This time the company has decided to use the print and radio as a medium to talk about the benefits to the customers.

Unlike the usual brand campaign leveraging on the "feel-good drive" that Santro offers and not to forget Shahrukh Khan reminding you that this is the "sunshine car," this commercial is pretty much a matter of fact ad, which solely talks about the engine benefits.

On the client's brief to Saatchi and Saatchi, Pradeep Saxena, DGM-Marketing, Hyundai, said, "When we have used Shahrukh Khan for the commercials, the purpose was truly to build the brand. Here, we had to communicate to the customers about the technological change and the commercial had to be informative enough."

Saxena said the print commercial was adopted as a lot of information could be delivered through this. The private FM radio listeners are generally the ones who already own a car an the idea was to inform them further on the new features available through the eRLX engine."

The engine facilitates improved mileage and power. Saxena said, "Most of the time you encounter varying driving conditions demanding more power, efficiency, reliability and long life from the engine. The 'active intelligence' technology empowers the engine to think and operate at its best under any usage condition delivering maximum power and mileage."

Asked if the company is going to have a reaction campaign, with just a day to go for the Swift launch from Maruti Udyog's stable, Saxena denied this stating, "We don't believe we need to react to the Swift launch. Moreover, any reaction can happen only once the product has been launched."

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