Santoor takes the social responsibility route for latest campaign

Santoor takes the social responsibility route for latest campaign

Author | Tuhina Anand | Friday, Apr 24,2009 8:03 AM

Santoor takes the social responsibility route for latest campaign

After Tata Tea’s successful ‘Jaago Re’ campaign and Idea Cellular taking the theme of voting in its communication, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, too, has adopted the election theme in its new communication piece. This is the second communication exercise after the re-launch of Santoor soap. Taking in view the timing of the TVC, the theme adopted this time is of elections and voting, which is the current flavour of the nation.

The objective of the new campaign is to effectively carry forward the 15-year heritage of Santoor, while at the same time convey the message of the importance of being a responsible citizen and exercise one’s individual electoral franchise. The TVC by DraftFCB Ulka takes the route of younger looking skin, which Santoor has earlier used, but entwines this with the strong message on the importance of exercising one’s right to vote.

Anil Chugh, Senior Vice President, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, explained, “We wanted to weave our core proposition of younger looking skin with a social message, but in a subtle way. It is realised that when it comes to casting votes, the urban youth and the educated class needs a slight push, hence we thought of using this social message in our communication.”

He added, “Santoor today may be the only brand that has over the years consistently maintained its core proposition of younger looking skin, while changing the theme of its campaigns year on year so that they are in sync with the times. This ad is all the more special for us as we could also incorporate a message on a relevant and important issue before us at this point in time.”

Using the theme of the upcoming elections, the TVC shows the protagonist enter the polling booth to cast her vote. The election officer gets suspicious about her age and asks her for her age proof. At this point, the daughter of the protagonist comes running in holding her mother’s voter ID card. The ad concludes with the social message where the mother explains that she is casting her vote for her child’s future.

Lakshmipathy Bhat, VP, Draft FCB Ulka, said, “For us the challenge was to make a film that would appeal to a new generation of Santoor users without alienating our core consumer base.”

On being asked if this was a one-off initiative, Chugh said, “We are open to the idea of using the platform of social responsibility in the future, given that it gels with our core proposition.”

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