Santa & Banta promise unlimited fun on Zoom

Santa & Banta promise unlimited fun on Zoom

Author | Shikha Saroj | Saturday, Jul 08,2006 9:59 AM

Santa & Banta promise unlimited fun on Zoom

Zoom’s new show – Santa & Banta Unlimited – moves away from lofty claims of other TV serials by promising to deliver nothing. This new show is determined to redefine ‘time pass viewing’, with its two hosts, Siddharth Kannan aka Santa and Baba Saigal aka Banta, starting July 10, 2006, every Monday, from 8.30 pm onwards.

Sunil Sahjwani, Chief Creative and Programming Officer, Zoom, said, “Santa & Banta Unlimited is Zoom’s first comic bonanza. It is a show driven by two distinct personalities, who would talk on anything – from film reviews, topical news, lifestyle issues, celebrity interviews, gossip and partying – all with a humorous twist. The show is sure to strike a chord with audience across India.”

The one thing that Kannan and Saigal are confident about is that they just come on sets to have a whole load of fun to create a different comical show.

Kannan is well-known for his spontaneous sense of humour, while Saigal’s crazy rapping style will be a perfect foil to Kannan’s incessant chatter. Santa & Banta Unlimited being an extension of the personalities of the two hosts reflects the natural camaraderie between Banta, a “clean shaven sardarji” and Santa, a typical “Tamil brahmin”.

Joking about his rapport with Saigal, Kannan remarked, “We are two contrasting people with a zest for life. As people in Mumbai would say, we are truly bindaas.”

Saigal said, “Anchoring is a part of me. It has a different feel, different popularity and a different feedback. I have known Siddharth for the past 12 years. We’ve developed a great rapport and that will be evident on-screen.”

Sahjwani said, “Santa & Banta has a distinct identity and is a fairly unique as a show by itself. The biggest USP of the show is its unpredictability. The one thing viewers can be assured of is a different comical show in the typical Santa-Banta style, which is a whole load of witty repartees and award winning one liners.”

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