Sania Mirza serves up a ‘straightforward’ ace for new Sprite TVC

Sania Mirza serves up a ‘straightforward’ ace for new Sprite TVC

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Feb 11,2006 10:11 AM

Sania Mirza serves up a ‘straightforward’ ace for new Sprite TVC

Coca-Cola’s fastest growing carbonated brand in India, Sprite, is unveiling its new TVC on February 11 featuring Sania Mirza – India’s latest teen icon. The commercial takes the viewers through yet another straightforward and irreverent experience for Sprite consumers.

The TVC shows Mirza at her aggressive brand of tennis, even as an awestruck teenager tries to copy her every move. Mirza continues with her killer serves and the teenager tries to emulate her, but to no effect. The tennis sensation grabs her bottle of Sprite in between sets. The teenager naievely believes “That’s her secret, Sania drinks Sprite.”

So, the copy cat teen also gulps down his Sprite and tries to the hit the ball hard. The result: the racquet goes flying with the ball and hits the hapless guy on his head. Voice Over: “Sprite karre no chamatkar bas pyass bhujye yaar.”

Commenting on Coca-Cola’s partnership with Mirza, Vikas Gupta, Vice-President, Marketing, Coca-Cola India, said, “Sprite is a no nonsense brand, with an in-your-face and chilled out approach to life. Our communication has always exalted the brand as the thirst quencher, and ‘baaki sab bakwaas’. The current commercial retains this theme, yet interestingly incorporates Sania into the story. Like the masses, we at Coca-Cola India, too, admire Sania not only for her game, but also for her direct speak and unpretentious approach to her achievements.”

He added, “The campaign will involve an integrated marketing communication programme involving both above and below the line initiatives. The ads would be in print, TVCs and outdoors.”

Speaking on her appearance in the commercial, Mirza said, “Honestly, Sprite has always been my favourite drink. It has stood for a refreshing youthful attitude, one that I identify with. It’s got this cutting edge straightforwardness. I relate to it since it is similar to my outlook in life. Being a part of Sprite’s campaign is quite exciting for me.”

She explained that an honest message was delivered through a humorous scenario. A quirky, pretentious teenager rudely discovers that Sprite quenches Mirza’s thirst and refreshes her and has nothing to do with her success.

The commercial has been produced by Sabal Sheikhawat and his production company, Big Picture Company. The creative agency handling Sprite is Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi.

The company believes this campaign will connect with today’s youth, all of whom have realised that they need to work hard to achieve their desired goals instead of sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen.

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