Samsung’s new TVC for slim phones gets a metallic hue

Samsung’s new TVC for slim phones gets a metallic hue

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Friday, Jul 27,2007 9:24 AM

Samsung’s new TVC for slim phones gets a metallic hue

Samsung has recently unveiled the world’s slimmest mobile phones in metallic series -- D900i, E-840, and D-840. The company has also unveiled a new ad campaign in India, which has been designed by Cheil Communication and has been shot in India. The TVC attempts to break the cluttered Indian media. Music has always worked with the Indian consumers. At the same time, India as a community is all about sharing. This TVC shows the protagonist sharing and enjoying with everyone else at the shopping mall.

Asim Warsi, General Manager-Marketing, Samsung, said, “The brief we have given to the advertising agency was that metal attributes for power, prestige and high life. We have tried to depict in a unique way that the user of the metallic series phone can get everyone dancing to his tune. We have tried to leverage the signature sound of the slider of the phone opening and shutting, with metallic sound in the background.”

Mrinal Dasgupta, Creative Director, Cheil Communication India, said, “The central idea in the TVC was that a leader is different from the others as he is able to bring excitement in other people’s lives with his capability. The sound of a slider phone opening in the beginning and closing at the end is used as a creative trigger. In the film, the man with the metal series is shown to be in a command; it shows him to be a master of performance. It is the experience of the power of metal.”

The TVC shows a dull shopping mall, and a man brings alive the place with the power of his metal series phones. He starts a domino effect as everyone joins and begins to enjoy the fun. He controls the performance like a leader and using the technologies of camera, mp3 and video recording from his phone, he captures the moment. He is then applauded in the end.

Dasgupta added, “The metallic series will be promoted through a 360-degree communication plan, but in phases. We will launch the metal series phones with a TVC, followed by other media. In fact, the POS material is already in the market. The TVC will be visible in all the entertainment and news channels.”

Dasgupta explained that the desired consumer response is that the metal series phones are very stylish phones, and there is a sense of manliness in its design. These phones have the persona of a man who is in control, and who like a leader controls others with his powerful looks and performance.

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