Saffola Gold's new TVC 'Dil Ko Rakhiye Jawaan' communicates healthy lifestyle

Saffola Gold's new TVC 'Dil Ko Rakhiye Jawaan' communicates healthy lifestyle

Author | Preeti Jadhav | Thursday, May 12,2005 7:35 AM

Saffola Gold's new TVC 'Dil Ko Rakhiye Jawaan' communicates healthy lifestyle

Marico Industries has launched a new television campaign for its healthcare brand 'Saffola Gold'. The ad this time is titled 'Dil Ko Rakhiye Jawaan' and moves on from the previous commercial of 'Kal Se'.

Presenting the strong points of the new ad, Saugata Gupta, Marketing Head, Marico, said, "Unlike our competitors we have been leaders in creating awareness on heart care. Through our ad campaigns we have tried to communicate the seriousness of a healthy lifestyle and how serious the problem of the heart could be. Our core message has always been 'use less oil but the right oil'."

Although the previous and the current campaigns speak on Saffola to be used as a preventive measure and not a curative measure for heart patients, yet both are different. The previous commercial spoke of getting into the routine of exercise and healthy living to prevent heart disease and promote healthy living with Saffola as prevention to heart disease and not postponing it for tomorrow. The current campaign 'Dil Ko Rakhiye Jawaan' has stemmed from the fact that the symptoms leading to heart risk are not known by all. The ad informs and urges people to start taking steps that are more preventive in nature. The brand highlights these symptoms, which are if taken care, can initiate a much healthier lifestyle. The creative agency is McCann Erickson and the film production house is Equinox Films (Ram Madhwani).

The brief to the agency was to encourage viewers to use Saffola as healthy oil to be used by the entire family and not by heart patients only. The marketing challenge is to get consumers to adopt Saffola as a dietary intervention early on rather than wait for a heart disease to strike. (i.e. move to a "preventive" positioning from curative)

"Saffola as a brand is considered by people as an oil which is to be used by heart patients, obese and sick patients. The message we want to communicate is that the oil is not a curative tool but it is to be used as a preventive measure. His was our objective in creating the commercial," asserted Gupta.

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