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S-Group Insights: Cadbury, Nestle, Coca Cola & Horlicks top spenders in 2015 in Food & Beverages category

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S-Group Insights: Cadbury, Nestle, Coca Cola & Horlicks top spenders in 2015 in Food & Beverages category and Strategy Group, the Analytical Arm of TAM Media Research, jointly bring  you a weekly column 'S-Group Insights' on Advertising Trends of different Product Categories. This column aims to aid advertisers and media agencies to understand changes in Media Consumption patterns leading to Scientific Advertising Investments. In the current column, we take a look at Foods & Beverages as a category

Food & beverages as a category consists of product groups like Chocolates, Milk beverages, Soft Drinks, Biscuits, Tea, Spices, Noodles/Pasta, Pan Masala, Edible Oil and so on. It is the second highest advertised category on TV with 17.8% share of voice and fourth highest on Radio with 6.2% SOV and 2.1% SOV in Print.

Ad volumes by Food & Beverages on all three mediums have increased year on year with 2015 experiencing highest growth on TV over the years.


If we take a look at TV, in 2015, 50% of the ads were contributed by Chocolates (16%), Milk Beverages (12%), Aerated Soft Drinks (9%), Biscuits (7%) and Tea (5%).

Ad volumes by Chocolates have continuously grown year on year. With only two advertisers, Cadbury India Ltd. and Nestle contributing to about 95% of ads on TV in 2011 compared to seven advertisers contributing to that much amount of SOV in 2015. Cadbury has remained the top advertiser over the years with an average SOV of about 76%, followed by Nestle with an average SOV of 9%. Chocolate which was the third highest advertiser on Radio in 2011 reduced its ads over the years significantly.

Over the years, Horlicks has remained the top advertised brand in Milk Beverages category with an SOV of 41% on TV in 2015. It increased its ads by 68% in 2015 over 2014. Similarly, Bournvita with 24% SOV is the second highest advertised brand in 2015 on TV and has increased its ad volumes by 67%. Complan, which in 2011 had an SOV of 32%, has reduced its ads over the years with only 11% SOV in 2015.

In the Soft Drinks Category, Aerated Soft Drinks contribute to 70% of the ads while 30% comes from the Non-Aerated Soft Drinks Brands. In the Aerated Category, only two players rule the game i.e. Coca Cola (Average 65% SOV) and Pepsi Co. (Average 31% SOV). However, in recent years new players like United Spirits Ltd. and Carlsberg Beer have been eating up their share of voice.


Pan Masala has been the top product group on Radio over the years. Ads by Pan Masala brands increased by 67% in 2015, making it the top advertised product group on Radio with an SOV of 27%. Vimal Pan Masala remained the top advertised brand in this category with 42% SOV.

Edible Oil ad volumes on Radio have increased year on year. Emami Ltd, N K Proteins and Ruchi Soya Industries are the top three contributors in this product group on Radio with 42% of Edible Oil ads concentrated towards Gujarat.

Pepsi Co India Holding Pvt. Ltd. (Leher Kurkure) during 2012-14 was the top advertiser in the Namkin category on Radio. However in 2015, Sri Vyankateshwara Food Industries (37%) and Lakshmi Snacks Pvt Ltd (30%- Only Gujarat) became the top two advertisers in this category.

Pepsi Co. and Coca Cola India Ltd. are the top advertisers in Aerated Soft Drinks category. Aerated Soft Drinks category has seen a drop in ad volumes on Radio in 2015 by 54% because of reduction in ad volumes by these two giants. Coca Cola has been reducing its ads on Radio post 2012.


Food & Beverage category, except in 2014, has grown year on year. It was because its major advertisers reduced its ad volumes in Print in 2014.

Similar to Radio, Pan Masala is the top advertised product group in Print. Vimal Pan Masala (SOV 26%) emerged as the top advertiser in Print as well, followed by Rajshri Pan Masala (SOV 16%). 2015 has seen a drop in this category as Vimal reduced its ad volumes in 2015.

Tea as a product group grew till 2013, post that it is seen a declining trend. Brooke Bond Lipton India has been a clear leader since 2012. However in 2015, it reduced its ads by 59% to have an SOV of only 26% which was earlier 45% in 2014.

Although, Aerated Soft Drinks, Biscuits and Spices have grown in 2015, their ad volumes are not as much as they used to be in 2013. Edible Oil as a product group grew by 120% in 2015. The top three advertisers in this product group are Ushodaya Enterprises Ltd (17%), Emami Limited (10%) and Ruchi Soya Industries (10%) and all of them increased their ads in 2015 by about 350% on Print.

Food & Beverages as a product group has been continuously growing over the years on all mediums.  Now, with increasing competition and with creative wars among big advertisers, it would be interesting to watch the communication strategies adopted by them.

Source: TAM Media Research, analysis conducted by S group, an analytical arm of TAM Media Research

Data Sources: TAM AdEx

 Period:  2011 - 2015


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