Rohit Ohri on his new role and challenges at Dentsu APAC

Rohit Ohri on his new role and challenges at Dentsu APAC

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Friday, Jun 05,2015 9:30 AM

Rohit Ohri on his new role and challenges at Dentsu APAC

Rohit Ohri, who was appointed CEO Dentsu Asia Pacific (ex Japan) covering all markets in the region outside of Dentsu’s home territory earlier this week, talks about an aggressive focus on acquisitions in his new role, leading regional pitches, working across 5 sub-regions South Asia, South-east Asia, Greater China, Australia & New Zealand and North Asia and more…..

Ohri was previously leading Dentsu in India and Asia Pacific South and will be also relocating from Delhi to Singapore as a result of the appointment.

Heading Dentsu Branded Agencies is being perceived as a drastic change from your previous roles at Dentsu. It is also perceived as a softer role, as someone who has been in the midst of business pitches and acquisitions…

Leading regional pitches and working with the sub-region heads on acquisitions for Dentsu Branded Agencies will still be part of my job description.

Are you going to miss the business side of things?

I love new challenges. Working across geographies is something I’ve not done in my career. I will be working across 5 sub-regions. South Asia, South-east Asia, Greater China, Australia & New Zealand and North Asia. I’m very excited about this new opportunity.

Is there a dual reporting that is being followed for Dentsu Branded Agencies in India , or would they now be reporting  to Ashish Bhasin, who is heading the India Business?

All CEOs of Dentsu Branded Agencies in Asia Pacific will have a dual reporting line. Their reporting will be to the sub-region heads and to me. The Dentsu Aegis Network is organised as a brand leadership and sub-region leadership matrix.

Does your new role entail an aggressive focus on acquisitions?

Yes it does.

The new role entails …

To build the Dentsu Branded Agencies (ex media) in the Asia Pacific region and to create a consistently brilliant experience of Dentsu for our clients and our people. The role is to lead the development and implementation of the Dentsu vision, positioning, strategy, culture and product across Asia Pacific

It is to define and align approaches, tools, products and ways of working to deliver the brand strategy and growth ambitions, and to deliver them consistently across the region.

What led to a change in your role at this point in time?

It was an opportunity that cropped up because of the new Dentsu Aegis Network organisational structure. I’m honoured that the company chose me for this very critical role.

On your experience of taking on your new role at Dentsu from JWT , you had said “Moving to Dentsu taught me that ‘Food is not served to you every night automatically, you have to fight for it” are there any such lessons you would like to share or take-aways you would apply to your new role?

One of my key strengths that I take into my new job is – creative culture building. Culture trumps strategy and is perhaps the single most important factor contributing to the success of creative  agencies. I’m looking forward to strengthening the creative culture of Dentsu Branded Agencies in the region in partnership with Ted Lim, the Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu APAC.

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