RK Swamy BBDO takes the humour route for Moods Condoms

RK Swamy BBDO takes the humour route for Moods Condoms

Author | Suraj Ramnath | Thursday, Nov 24,2011 9:16 AM

RK Swamy BBDO takes the humour route for Moods Condoms

RK Swamy BBDO draws from its ability to understand the nuances across cultural communication and creates a refreshing TVC for Moods Condoms. The campaign, titled ‘Your Time, Your Place, Your Moods’, will run in key markets across the world.

VV Vijaygopal, President (South), RK Swamy BBDO, elaborted, “The challenge was to base the communication on a universal insight that would work across geographies. We wanted to do a condom ad that would look like anything but a condom ad; something that would bring a smile and at the same time ensure strong branding. So we ignored the conventions of explicit content in condom advertising and used humour, instead.”

Commenting on the TVC, Navneet Virk, Senior Partner Creative, RK Swamy BBDO, Chennai, said, “Moods as a brand wanted to do something refreshing. They wanted the ad to be more contemporary and relevant to the audience. It has never changed its communications. We, as a creative agency, didn’t want to do a commercial which would be easily predicted, but wanted to be different from other condom ads. Our message is not restricted to any particular target audience. The creative idea was to play with people’s fantasy.”

Rupesh Kholiya, Group Product Manager, HLL Lifecare Ltd, added here, “We appreciate the quantum of efforts and quality of work that has gone into the recent Moods commercial, targeted at bringing a radical change in the consumer mindsets and bringing a global perspective to the brand’s imagery. The campaign, which is currently on air, is being widely appreciated and considered one-of-its-kind in its category space. We expect this to achieve the objective of making Moods as one of the top three preferred brands in India and paving way for markets abroad.”

The TVC, currently on air, shows surprised characters in different situations discovering evidence of Moods users having been there and done that. The creative idea hinges on people’s universal and often unfulfilled fantasies of taking intimacy beyond the bedroom to a forbidden or adventurous place.

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